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  1. I'm down for a game of whatever.
  2. I will be there, want to start at 1k-1.5k till you get more variety?
  3. I second First Heretic, its also in the WoW Library.
  4. I would say Iron Hand for a good generic starter force. Having a 6+ FNP will always help keep his stuff on the board regardless of the enemy force he faces. Since its not situational it won't be hard to remember and will set him up for more heroic moments. Also its a base Marine codex force, and if he doesn't like how it plays he can switch to one of the other chapters without buying a new book.
  5. I shall be there for 40k and/or cities of death
  6. I'll bring some Inquisitors as well
  7. I shall be there for Infinity or 40k.
  8. I will be there to represent the Grey Knights in Cities of Death
  9. I will be there for Infinity or 40k
  10. Hey man, What do you want for the Primaris Hellblasters? Either NOS or assembled(what gun do they have btw?)

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