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  1. Inquisitor66

    New Assassin rules from WD

    Yes...but I don't think you wouldn't be battle forged since all your models wouldn't share a keyword
  2. Inquisitor66

    Inquisitorial Forces Escalation Force Thread

    I guess it would mean either one?...Since its the imperium lets go with RIGHTEOUS FURY. Week 6 vs. Armageddon Imperial Guard: Both armies were built expecting melee focused horde armies..neither was expecting shooty heavily armored and durable...this made it a very fun game. Despite killing vast swaths of guardsmen every turn more and more of them kept showing up. Honorable Mention to a nameless guardsmen HERO that managed to slay a Grey Knight Paladin Paragon in terminator armor with his bayonet. Dishonorable mention goes to the Grey Knight Apothecary who teleported in turn 2, cast a spell and peril'd for 3 damage to himself, then next turn failed to heal himself and lost his turn and then the following turn peril'd of the warp AGAIN killing himself....his name will NOT be recorded in the halls of Titan...his gene seed must have been bugged and will not be recovered. The guardsmen artillary proved to be highly effective at killing my dudes, with their high rate of fireand good AP. End result was victory for the Inquisition with the game ending on turn 5. Good game overall.
  3. Inquisitor66

    Inquisitorial Forces Escalation Force Thread

    Week 5: 1250 pts I traded out a few paladins for a Paladin Ancient, an Apothecary and Castellan Crowe. THis battle was vs. the blood angels. Despite getting a first turn charge 1 of the paladins managed to live, things quickly began to unravel for the blood angels after that due to a plethora of smites and some shockingly durable terminators. Props to Apathy Ales for taking out my warlord, and for having terrible luck with my last turns maelstrom objective draw. Win for the Ordo Militant Inquisitor66 vs. Apathy Win: Inquisitor66 Inquisition MVP: the Paladin Paragon for not dying when it counted most and leading the counterattack
  4. Inquisitor66

    Tuesday 2/12 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    I will be there for 40k escalation league
  5. Inquisitor66

    More GSC previews

    Can't wait to purge the new xenos
  6. Inquisitor66

    Sunday 2/10 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    I can also do 750, as my 1250 is just my 750 plus more stuff
  7. Inquisitor66

    Sunday 2/10 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    I will be there to make up my escalation league game for 1250 pts
  8. Inquisitor66

    Forgotten Gargoyles Space Marines

    I really like this idea
  9. Inquisitor66

    Inquisitorial Forces Escalation Force Thread

    Week 4 complete, I got 2 games in My list was the same as before but traded out the Inquisitor et al for a 5 man squad of Paladins Game 1 vs. Apathy Ales Blood Angels The dice gods were not with the blood angels, they failed a 9 inch charge on 3d6(take all) with a re-roll leaving an expensive squad vulnerable to massive shooting. The massive squad wrecked face and 1 shotted my redemptor dread(a common theme for the day), but could not make the consolidation and were left open to my massive amounts of shooting, victory for the inquisition. Game 2 vs Dark Trainer's Orcs Orcs seized the initiative and in a 1-2 punch that almost totally won them the game managed to turn 2 oneshot the redemptor and most of the intercessor squad, thanks to Pax for pointing out some rules I was overlooking. The Corvo Blackstar gets a gold star for this game as it managed to snipe the Orc warboss by flying next to him and shooting all its anti tank weapons into his face, the orcs had nothing that could touch it. The paladins managed to hold their own against a seemingly endless supply of boyz, but they would not have survived much longer, game went to the Orcs.
  10. Inquisitor66

    No imperium league....?

    I wouldn't be able to play, not having a non-imperium force.
  11. Inquisitor66

    Tuesday 1/29 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    The Inquisition will be present.
  12. Inquisitor66

    Sunday 1/27 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    I'll can be there, but I have to leave by 6ish.
  13. Inquisitor66

    Inquisitorial Forces Escalation Force Thread

    Yeah it was a Neurothrope.
  14. Inquisitor66

    Inquisitorial Forces Escalation Force Thread

    Game 3: Deathwatch + Ordo Malleus Vs. Tyranids Victory for the Deathwatch, though it was a very bloody battle. 3 of the 4 objectives exploded. At the end 2 marines, a blackstar with 3 wounds, 3 acolytes and the inquisitor were left. On the Tyranid side was 8-ish gaunts a zoanthrope and a (not sure what its called) HQ Zoanthrope.
  15. Inquisitor66

    Tuesday 1/22 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    The Inquisition will be there for League, I really enjoyed the 2v2 last week and my preference would be to do another one.