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  1. Hi all, Dimensional Cascade is starting to twitch stream AoS games. We're streaming tonight a bit after 6. twitch.tv/dimensionalcascade We're steaming tonight #2 seated "The Snuffler" versus newcomer "T3h B0N3 K1Ng". Game will start slightly after 6 PM. There are 4 games completed so far and migrated to youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCck0OwOnaKM_TL6dQhT8Mfw The two most recent are below.
  2. I actually really enjoy that puzzle, either as the summoner or as the aggressive player figure out what I need to kill where. I <3 table quarters. But - I also agree that decision process ads a lot of thinkin' time to a timed round and could cause a disproportionate amount of games not to finish, if that's true, finishing is more important.
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    Malifaux at OFCC 2016

    Was a lot of fun and everyone was great to play against. I really enjoyed playing each of my opponents and got to play against new masters! Hope to keep seeing everyone at events. GJ running the event Rudy and thanks for putting it together!
  5. It's on the edge of the burbs, I park on a neighborhood street like 2 blocks away. *free
  6. I hadn't paid yet - was wondering what the model was if we don't get enough paid attendees for the event. I'm planning on driving down for this, but would like to know by say the 28th if it won't be able to happen. Thanks,
  7. Excited for a 5 game event! Will be coming down for it.
  8. Orkdork, Yup! Same group. Aidan, who came down to the event playing Misaki 10T is hosting this. Nate, Yup, all in, most of the old DC group have switched over to malifaux. Aidan, Anthony, Ricky, Tom and my myself were all at breachign the Faux. Hoping to meak it down for Malifaux again at OFCC.
  9. http://godswearhats.com/blog/malifaux-mondays/ http://godswearhats.com/blog/malifaux-mondays-june-6th-2016/
  10. Some jackass had to go and game the system and ruin it for future years *for shame* The event was a ton of fun, and my group seemed universally suprising by the huge amount of terrain on the tables, we haven't been playing with enough. I would have been happy to give all 5 of my opponents best sports votes.
  11. Well, if the game designers assumed allies as default it *wasn't* designed that way.
  12. This is splitting hairs but =P I don't thinki Ba'su'su is a great allied choice because he's not inspiring so you have to take him and a self inspired unit and none of his three armies have units which to me make a ton of sense to run self inspired + solo compared to other armies (elves, undead basilians, forces of nature) I've thought about trying to ally with him and a cheap regiment for access to gargoyles and it always seems janky because then he's the only thing in your army inspiring the gargoyles. Better to run one of those 3 forces main and ally to something else I think. Both Chris and I ran him as a main army choice. =P
  13. Andrew - yes you can. On Allies, I've played 2 tournaments now and a good amount of casual games and still very much think we haven't played the game enough to have an adequately informed opinion on what already needs to be comped (including allies). The majority of games I've played in or watched have been decided by the relative experience level of the players, and even then everyone is pretty new. In order to really see the affect of allies on power level you need multiple experienced players playing each other a good number of times. So, I don't think I'll develop a strong view on whether or not allies are a good default until 2017 and I'd encourage other's to take the same approach! *Edit also - I wanted to add - the two primary balance concerns in this game seem to be allies to fill holes in lists and spamming of the same powerful unit in ways that some armies can't deal with (Elohi for example). So far, to me, it seems like allies is a good way to make sure all armies have access to the tools to prevent potential issue #2. This means if you start comping one thing you have to go back and comp the next, and really you would could have been fine comping neither. Maybe. Will see what I think after about 100 more games.
  14. You could use he GW one and magnetize the stem going to the base. Then when it's an issue pop the model off and use the base. One of the bigger rare earth magnets should hold that well. Could really do the same with that one.
  15. Last reminder! As always, some people are coming that aren't on the facebook. I'm really hoping to hit 20 people for the Northwest's first 2 day Kings of War Event! Come and meet people, plays games, drink beer, win prizes. Fully painted armies are encouraged (and there is a paint prize) but are certainly not required! https://www.facebook.com/events/926192430780597/ There are a couple people making the drive up from Portland already, and let me know if you need a couch!
  16. Also, if you're interested in coming up north to pay KoW or drawing players south it might be worth joining this FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/KingsOfWarWashingtonState/
  17. =P http://www.ordofanaticus.com/index.php?/topic/26367-kings-of-war-tournament-twinkle-fest-annihilation/
  18. Sorry =/. This was the weekend that worked for both the venue and the TO (I'm just advertising!)
  19. https://www.facebook.com/events/926192430780597/ November 14 - November 15 Nov 14 at 1:00pm to Nov 15 at 5:00pm Show Map Mox Boarding House 13310 BelRed Rd, Bellevue, Washington 98005 Kings of War tournament 2000 points, 6 games, 1 of each scenario $20 entry fee Armies from the beta list are allowed Painting competition: Best Troop - pick any troop from your army or collection. Anyone eligible, even if you're not competing in this e tournament. Registration starts at 1pm, dice roll at 2pm (late start to allow travelers to arrive!) Prize categories: best general, hobbyist, sport and the painting competition
  20. Since Fantasy I tried AoS, Warmahordes, and KoW. I'm also still attending what fantasy events exist, but am not interested in investing time in an unsupported game long term. At first KoW was not super exciting. Now that I'm more games in it very much is right now. I'm 6 games (and too may theory crafting house) in and at the point where I understand enough to realize they're some real depth and variety but haven't yet nailed it all down. There is much more to the game than a fantasy player tends to see first time through. It's a lot of fun, and in some ways I like it better than I ever did fantasy, though in some ways not as much. I just hope enough people give it a fair shot to form a significant tournament scene. So, above is my TLDR, but some of the other DC guys and I talked about our post-warhammer experience in the final DC Podcast/first KoW Podcast.
  21. 46 Tactical Marines assembled and primed. No special weapons. Sell or trade for warhammer/40k daemons, khorne or tzeentch, possibly some undead picked these up awhile ago and will never used.
  22. Jim, I totally agree that the variety of tournament formats is key. I don't think Nate suggested he had a problem with any players, his comment was on the nature of the system. Also, Nate, after re-reading your post I had another thought. The thought put into the paint scoring and how it affects overall really matters and not all 33% splits are equal. For example, is your goal with paint scoring to reward people who put in the time and love needed? Or to reward outstanding artists? I've been to some 33% paint events where a complete, consistent army that looks good on the table gets *almost* the max score, and the outstanding armies get maybe half a game worth of a lead. Say, I end up with a 29 (all boxes checked) and Jim ends up with a 33 (all boxes checked, + bonuses for awesomeness). Those 4 points are worth about half a game. I've also been to some events where paint was 33% and the paint scores varied drastically to the point where the best armies were getting effectively 33% and MOST armies 15%. That becomes a pretty daunting gap to make up on the table. My point is the percentage breakdown is less important than the specifics of the design and intent behind what and how much people are rewarded for various aspects of the hobby. I think that as tournaments mature and TOs see more results that design tends to get tighter and become a more accurate reflection of the TO's value system. So, if the concern is the prospect of a poorly designed event, I would totally agree that it's no fun to travel somewhere to walk in and know that the structure as defined means you start out with no chance. And that that concern is something that TO's should be aware of. But I also agree with Jim that there is value in having soft scores. It's my opinion that soft scores, when applied thoughtfully and with some restraint, help build/attract/retain the kind of people that I want to have at tournaments, and that those people grow the tournaments in turn. Two people yelling at each other over a table covered in bare plastic is not something I've ever seen at a PNW fantasy event - and, to me, that's really important.
  23. Don't panic. While it's up the the TO what to report, it is true that our region tends to put more emphasis on paint and sports then some of the others. (btw we had the highest combined paint/sorts of any region for 2014 masters) Some TO's do choose, for various reasons, to report battle for masters points rather than overall, even though overall is their top prize. I would suggest that what has happened this year across the region is not that different than what you're looking for: Here's a sample of what I know of the tournaments that have occurred and have rankings up for masters: Tshift - best overall was also top battle GottaCon - don't know BsB - best overall was also top combo of on board points (battle and scenario) SPDM - best overall was not top battle, but second best overall was top battle, best overall was 4-1 with best sports and good paint VoD - only reported battle for masters points RCW - best overall was not top battle, but second best overall was top battle, best overall was 4-1 with best sports and best paint KoC - only reported battle for masters points So, I wouldn't be discouraged from traveling because of paint points, as I think the results show that consistently doing well on the table gets you to masters in the current system. I, for example, have consistently done decent in paint and did not place in paint in any of these events (I've never come close to placing in paint at a 2 dayer). I've found that, in this region as much as in the others, fielding a complete and tournament standard army is required, but being stellar is not. *Added: But it's good to hear input, and if there are others that feel this way please speak up. We'll need to start talking through if the region wants to make changes to it's qualification process for next year once the master's format for next year has been determined.
  24. I wanted to reply to this because I want people to give KoW a solid try and this comment suggests its not really worth doing. I disagree that KoW lacks tactical depth. I would argue that the restrictions to the movement phase make it far more interesting and complex than the warhammer movement phase. What it lacks is rules knowledge shenanigans. I've won a lot of games of warhammer having sloppy movement phases because of various challenge/make way interactions, blocking the side of a unit with a cav character, OTS placement, nightshroud dodging, janky combat reforms and so forth. That's not really tactical depth, that's knowing the intricacies of the particular rule set. It's true that KoW lacks most of that. What is has is a tighter movement phase that, in my opinion, seems more tactically interesting than warhammer. The removal of flier/fast cav/skirmisher movement means you can't just nip out of places and escape after errors. There are no deathstars, every unit you have is vulnerable. You have to be careful where you start and where you go from there. I've played a few games and I would be lying if I said I was good enough at KoW to have a great handle on all of the complexities opened up by the movement phase.
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