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Dwarf allies

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It was the same with the old book as well.  It was if you did team battles.  There are rules for allies in the main rulebook.  They're aren't many team battles played though.  2v2 in WFB is extremely diffferent than with 40k.  I do know that borderlands does double tournies every once in awhile though.  Pretty much someone brings the magic list and the other just brings the smash mouth list.

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Again, it's in the main rule book page 136.  This isn't a new reference to anything.  Also, page 35 states that Dwarfs don't get the bonus if fighting along side a wizard.  So, this is nothing new.  It's just not a common thing, like I stated, to see 2v2 games.


I know, but since that publication, GW has obviously ramped up their ally inclusion with the next core rules set edition change. I only hope they learned their lesson, and don't try it again with fantasy. I'm not saying it WILL happen, just...if.

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As a 40k refugee, can we please all agree now that IF GW does include allies, we will reject the idea out of hand? It bodes ill.

We'll if it had some rules like Triumph and Treachery where taking allies had more consequences and more limited I would be ok with. The free for all that 40k has become I would not like.


Then again every list will have a Cannon and Chaos Warrior unit in it which will be very annoying. Bad idea.

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