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For sale/Trade: BoP characters, Sisters of Silence, Leman Russ Tanks


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***Now my general Sell/Trade thread***

Hello everyone. I have a few Items I am looking to trade or sell. I prefer to trade but as they say, money talks.

I would prefer to trade out the following items from the Burning of Prospero (BoP) box set:

  • Geigor Fell-Hand (NoS)
  • Sisters of Silence (5 person squad, NoS)

Looking for a straight 1:1 trade (Sisters -> Custodes, Ahriman -> Anything, Geigor -> Anything). I may be willing to also trade out my Sisters of Silence for something else of value but please message me first so we can work something out.

Things I am interested in most:

  • Redemptor Dreadnought
  • Aggressors
  • Inceptors (Plasma preferred)
  • Horus Heresy: Contemptor Dreadnought, MkIV Marines, Tartarus/Cataphractii Terminators
  • Legio Custodes
  • BLOOD ANGELS stuff (Raider/Rhino doors, FW shoulder pads)

I am a solid BA fan so consider this when thinking about things you would like to trade.

Thanks everyone for checking my post out.

I also have this thing I want to sell/trade: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/lapdog-gaming-control-center
Amazon has it for 60 bucks but I'll go $40 or comparable trade.

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Looks like there were some issues with the cards and the sisters of silence kit. Just emailed GW Customer service to find out what to do about that.

The marines and the special characters appear in great shape so those are okay. May be a bit before the sisters would be available for trade.

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Update for everyone.

GW replaced my sprue with missing piece on it so as of now, the following are up to trade:

  • Azhek Ahriman
  • Geigor Fell-Hand
  • Sisters of Silence

So for Ahriman or Fellonmyhands, either of these can be traded for Betrayal at Calth Preator Terminator or Dark Apostle. Would be willing to trade sisters straight over for custodes (or comparable value trade).

Additionally, if anyone wants a second set of Prospero cards, I had to replace those so you can have my beat up set for whatever you want: a cookie, sturdy handshake, whatever.

PM me with offers and whatnot.

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Just doing a bit of a thread bump as I still have the following for trade or for sale:

  • Azhek Ahriman
  • Greigor Fell-Hand - PENDING
  • Sisters of Silence

Greigor is pending but the gods of free market are a fickle lot.

Anzhek is still available and would be happy to trade this for either the Betrayal at Calth's Dark Apostle or Terminator Captain.

Sisters of silence I'd like to trade straight over for the Custodes from Burning of Prospero. This is my preferred trade but I would be happy to trade them for something else if the trade is right.

Additional: I also have Plague Marines from the Dark Imperium box set I'd be willing to sell/trade. Market is kind of flooded at the moment but they're available.

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A reminder/shameful bump: I do have my deathguard set I am looking to offload for 60 bucks.

Comes with all the DG figures from the Dark Imperium set, all of the bases that go with them and the DI army book that doesn't really matter in a couple of weeks.

If you can only trade, let me know what you have and I'll see if its something I would be willing to swap.

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