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8th Ed Pre League from 7/11 through 7/25

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To get an idea of what to include in the upcoming 40k escalation league, we will be doing some matches at the three Tuesday Game Nights leading up to OFCC.

This Tuesday, I invite you and your friends to come get a game of 8th edition 40k using Power Level Points. Most people say that 100 Power Level Points is equivalent to 2000 points. For the sake of learning and maybe getting in two games, let's do 50 Power Level Points on 4x4 tables. These games will be mainly to get people to the club and have a casual intro to the new rules.

These games will help determine the format and missions included in the escalation league I plan to start after OFCC. Please keep an eye on the threads here in the 40k section for more details.

I'll be there around 5 to get some tables setup and challenge someone with 50 Power level points of my Genestealer Cult! Hope to see you there.



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Haven't decided on power level or points. The games this month will help determine what we go with in August.

My reading of blogs says power level helps get casual games setup and playing faster. While points allows for the granular list building.

For the sake of trying something new, this first week will be doing power level.

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Much fun was had last week. Let's keep it rolling and do 50 Power Level points and this time we play on a proper 6x4.


I'll be bringing my GSC and hopefully get some more mileage out of their Cult Ambush abilities since there wont be 3!! other armies to contend with.


As far as missions go, pick whatever one you like. I do not have the new cards, but will be reading up on them to see how they might play out. See you guys on Tuesday!

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