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Dwarfs 2,500 pts w/ 2 characters

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I think the point to dwarfs is to avoid big character builds and focus on the army. I will admit the dwarf general on shieldbearers is awesome at staying alive and blocking LOS to the BSB. I will also admit I would like another Runesmith but meh. I wanted to focus on fielding units and trying different things. I did take the bolt thrower as I hate eagles and manticores. I feel like if I kill just one of them or even a pegasus it's worth it. Can this army be competitive? 


Dwarves 2,500 Pts

Runesmith: (General) Shield, Rune of Stone, Rune of Furnace, and a Rune of Spellbreaking: 98 pts

Thane: (BSB) Shield and Master Rune of Grungi and Rune of Stoicism: 188 pts

Quarrellers: 20 W/ Great Weapons , Musician and Stardard: 300 pts

Quarrellers: 20 W/ Great Weapons , Musician and Stardard: 300 pts

Thunderers: 10 w/ shields and a musician: 140 pts

Hammerers: 24 W/ Standard, Musician, and Master Rune of Valaya: 421 pts (General Here)

Gyrocopter: 80 pts

Gyrocopter: 80 pts

Bolt Thrower: Flakkson’s Rune of Seeking and Rune of Burning: 75 pts

Cannon: Rune of Burning: 125 pts

Grudgethrower: Rune of Accuracy and Rune of Penetrating: 145 pts

Irondrakes: 19 w/FC, Champ has Cinderblast bombs, and Rune of Slownessx2: 380 pts (BSB Here)

Flame Cannon w/ Rune of Forging: 165 pts

Total: 2497 pts

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That's why you follow it up with GW's....seeing as how almost everyone has one and some heavy armor it doesn't bother me if I miss. I'm kinda counting on the army missing half the time. The whole point was to widdle people down and then settle in for some good ole grinding. Elves and Dwarfs are basically as different as it gets. Going to be honest with you. I own 75% of the army but the last 25 will take some time getting done. I would prefer someone else trying it out because you guys play way more often then I do, probably own more models for dwarfs, and most certainly count as better generals.

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