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Tallarn Commander's Chaos (Terrain WIP Photos)

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Looking good, dude! I've been thinking about adding some sand on to break up my Sector Imperialis bases, so it's cool to get a look at that, and see that it does work nicely. Also, Zeva kind of looks like she saw something incredibly shocking at some point (possibly something to do with why she's in a Chaos Cult, one way or another), and her face and hair just stuck like that 😉

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Hello everyone, 

I might as well make this into a general Works in Progress blog for my various Chaos Armies (Night Lords, Death Guard, Renegades and Heretics, and World Eaters).

I'll be taking a Khorne army to OFCC as part of the Infil-Traitors team this year. I just painted up this squad of 8 Bezerkers for my OFCC list.


BloodBliss Squad

June Squad BloodBliss.jpg


4 members of BloodBliss Squad: CullHuman, Aspiring Champion Kilwrath, Maim, and Dreagher

May Squad BloodBliss 1 of 2.jpg



4 other members of BloodBliss: Zor, Memory of Bodt, RedSkull, and Sangre

May Squad BloodBliss 2 of 2.jpg



Some closeups...


May Sangre.jpg

May Kilwrath.jpgMay Maim.jpg


May Dreagher.jpg




You'll be seeing a lot more over the summer as I have to paint up 3 vehicles (a rhino and 2 BloodSlaughterers), a Khorne DP,  and 30 to 40 infantry to get ready for the ETL.

I hope you enjoyed this and see ya'all in August!



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Nice! I really like the use of the Raptor helmet on Dreagher, and it looks kind of like Red Skull's Chain-Axe is merged into his arm or something? If so, I am totally a fan.

I need to get cracking on my own Army. Got 30-some Infantry, a Daemon Prince, a Dread, and a Knight that need painting, but all I can get myself motivated to work on is Necromunda and Shadespire stuff.

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Hello again,

I've almost finished my 2nd squad of Zerkers.

Here's photo of freshly painted Squad Bloodbliss right before they get decimated by AdMech Destroyers



May Kataphron Destroyer 2 of 2.jpg





I'm making steady progress on my next squad of Zerkers for OFCC.


I also received my Khorne Daemon Prince for OFCC in the mail last week. He is the Minotaur Demon Lord from Reaper Miniatures in Texas, quite a steal at $14 plus shipping.


To be named Daemon Prince flanked by my Blood Slaughterers, 888 and BloodLady


Azrath WIP 2.jpg


Azrath WIP 1.jpg


I've also successfully de-Nurglified 16 of my Death Guard Chaos Marines. These will be used as World Eaters Havocs at the OFCC.

May WIP Havocs 1.jpg



The champion on the right has a magnetized right hand so he can have a variety of weaponry

May WIP Havocs 2.jpg


And the champion with the axe is also magnetized


May WIP Havocs 4.jpg


May WIP Havocs 5.jpg

Enjoy the pics!

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Hi all,


I've completed another batch of World Eaters for the OFCC: 7 Bezerkers, a Chaos Lord, and an Aspiring Champion to lead one of my Havoc Squads.

May Constantine and BloodTongu.jpg

4 members of Squad Bloodtongue: Booger, Skull Crusher, Blood Rose, and World Devourer

May BloodTongue 1.jpg


Havoc Aspiring Champion Barnabas (magnetized so he can also be any kind of HQ including a jump pack lord), The Mighty, Aspiring Champion Maggot, and Blood Drinker

May Barnabas.jpg




Using an image from the Forgeworld site as inspiration, I painted various Chaotic sigils on the banner

June Chaos Sigils.jpg



Chaos Lord Constantine, I'll be taking him to OFCC as my 2nd HQ. He's magnetized so he'll probably have the Axe of Blind Fury in August.


Lord Constantine with fist and chainsword

May Constantine 3.jpg


Lord Constantine with pair of lightning claws

May Constantine 2.jpg







Enjoy the pics!

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Hello all, I've finished up my last batch of Bezerkers. I have now completed Squads BloodBliss, BloodTongue, and BloodFlower and Chaos Lord Constantine. Now it's time to move onto my Blood Slaughters BloodLady and 888 as well as my Daemon Prince, Azrath.


Here is a picture of the squad I just finished, Squad BloodFlower


June Squad BloodFlowers.jpg



Every member of Squad BloodFlowers has a cape, it's their schtick.

June Cloak Closeup.jpg


The Squad Champion Red Messiah, his career goals include developing his leadership and oratorical skills and becoming a Dark Apostle

June Red Messiah.jpg

BearClaw, he might be named after his favorite pastry

June Bearclaw.jpg


BloodPrice, he killed the squad's previous icon bearer, thus earning the right to become the new icon bearer

June BloodPrice.jpg


And a shot of all completed Bezerkers with Chaos Lord Constantine at the front right. The chap at the front left, Barnabas the Butcher, will lead a squad of Havocs at the OFCC.

June All My World Eaters.jpg

Squad BloodFlower is at the front, as noted above, every trooper in this squad has a cape.  Squad BloodTongue is in the middle, every member of this squad has had a pair of spikes embedded  into his back. Squad BloodBliss is at the rear, every Bezerker in this squad bears a black shoulder pad.



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Hello everyone,

I finished some more Chaos projects.

I've completed my warlord for my OFCC World Eaters army. Meet Azrath, Daemon Prince of Khorne.

June Azrath 1 of 4.jpg

June Azrath 2 of 4.jpg

June Azrath 3 of 4.jpg

June Azrath 4 of 4.jpg




I also finished "De-Nurglifying" 16 of my Chaos Havocs so now they can be used in either my Nurgle-themed army or my World Eaters army. Here are some of them.

June Havoc Champion.jpg


June Bolter Trooper.jpg

June Lascannon Havoc 1.jpg

June Lascannon Trooper 2.jpg

June Lascannon Havoc 3.jpg

I painted up 2 Renegades and Heretics troopers, Emma and Logroth . They can be used as Cultists, Militia, Marauders, or Disciples. You (probably) won't see my Renegades and Heretics at OFFC this year, but who knows, perhaps you will see them in a subsequent year.

June Logroth.jpgJune Emma.jpg


And finally, I decided to remove my plasma pistols from my Renegades and Heretics Renegade Commanders and Enforcers. I found that I'm pretty aggressive in how I use them so their role in melee is far more important than taking a few plasma potshots at the foe. Here are a couple of pics with their new power swords.

June Nostromo.jpgNovember Renegade Commander Buzzsaw Leads the Militia.jpg


I'm still debating the details of my OFCC World Eaters list. I've locked in 3 squads of Zerkers in Rhinos, a DP, at least 1 Havoc squad, and a pair of Blood Slaughterers. I keep changing up the other stuff I include in the list from day to day. 🙂

Enjoy the pics!

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Hello everyone, I've completed another step in my 2018 OFCC prep. I finished painting up Blood Lady and 888, my 2 Blood Slaughterers!


Here are some pictures...



Azrath, BloodLady, and 888

Blood Slaughterers 1 of 4.jpg

A Closeup of 888

Blood Slaughterers 3 of 4.jpg


A closeup of BloodLady

Blood Slaughterers 2 of 4.jpg


Bella and Azrath.jpg

And I got in my first test game with this list last month. It was my first time using a World Eaters force and, even though I lost, I had a blast. Here is a photo of an unpainted BloodLady facing of against some old-school screamer killer bugs.

July vs Nids BloodLady.jpg

And in this photo Azrath and some Bezerkers glare at a Screamer Killer Carnifex before they rip it to shreds

July vs Nids Azrath.jpg


Here's a blurry photo of my entire army. You can find the list in our Infil-traitor team thread in the 40K section of the OFCC site  


Now I only have to paint up a World Eaters rhino, my display board, and 6 objective markers and then I'm ready for OFCC! 

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Hello all,


My Chaos thread has been dormant for 9 months. I'm now ramping up for this August's OFCC. I'll be bringing Chaos Renegades and Heretics backed by Chaos Marine Daemon Engines (and possibly Bezerkers).


In preparation, I've been slowly adding to my R&H horde. I finished up a batch of 9 Renegades this week, bringing my total collection to 141 troopers and 3 artillery.


Here are some images of the 9 R&H troopers and a Plaguebearer (because R&H characters can summon!) that I just painted up:

May 10 Completed Chaos Infantry.jpg


May 6 Completed Renegades and Heretics Infantry.jpg

May 6 Completed Chaos Infantry.jpg


Some closeups...


Chillgibber, from front


May Chillgibber front.jpg


Chillgibber, from rear

May Chillgibber rear.jpg


The Cursemaster

May The Cursemaster.jpg



May October.jpg




May Crank.jpg



May Witchmelt.jpg



May Yish.jpg


KenatMey Kenat.jpg



Enjoy the pics!


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Oh, and here are some images from my team's (the Infil-traitors) dispay at last year's OFCC

Team Tzeench

Team Tzeench.jpg


Team Slaanesh

Team Slaanesh.jpg


Team Nurgle

Team Nurgle.jpg


Team Khorne

Team Khorne.jpg



My army, Team Khorne, got slaughtered in all but 1 game, but I had a great time!


Dave the Dreadnought learns that 2 Helbrute Fists are better than 1

Dave Learns that 2 Helbrute Fists are Better Than 1.jpg


The Thin Red Line faces the Thin Black Line

Bezerkers Fighting the Black Templars.jpg



Gaazkul smashes Azrath to the ground


Orks Smash Azrath.jpg



Rhino engines revving up before the game begins



The Thin Red Line Across from the Other Thin Red Line.jpg



888 the Blood Slaughterer eating some robots

888 wants to eat Robots.jpg



And my personal favorite image from the tournament, Azrath vs a sea of angry Black Templars

Azrath vs the BT.jpg




Enjoy the photos!

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Hello everyone,


I got in a fun game with my Chaos recently against Admech with a knight. I used one of the possible OFCC lists I'm considering: Night Lords with Zerkers and Daemon Engines and Renegades and Heretics with oodles of Militia and Marauders.


Here are some photos


My opponent's line before the game

April Game vs Admech 2 My Opponent's Army.jpg


My line (at right) on Turn 1

April Game vs Admech 2 My Opponent Moves Up.jpg


Night Masque CSM Squad and Lobo's 2nd Militia Squad hold an objective before the game begins



April Game vs Admech 2 Chaos Marines and 2nd Militia Squad Hold Objective.jpg


Various and sundry R&H Militia, Marauders, Enforcers, and Renegade Commanders mill about on my left flank before the game begins


April Game vs Admech 2 the R&H Infantry move Out.jpg


His knight bashes Deffy upside the head

April Game vs Admech 2 Enemy Knight Says Hi to Deffy.jpg



BloodLady the Blood Slaughterer responds and slices 15 wounds off the knight

April Game vs Admech 2 BloodLady Removes 15 Wounds from a Knight.jpg



Azrath hacks 3 wounds off the knight with his Daemonic Axe

April Game vs Admech 2 Azrath Takes Chunks Out of a Knight with His Axe.jpg


And Deffy gleefully finishes off the knight, which promptly blows up in his face



April Game vs Admech 2 Infantry Deffy and Knight.jpg


Elsewhere my Marauders hold up his assault walkers for 2 or 2 turns, "In it for the Money" is a fluffy and effective rule

April Game vs Admech 2 10th Marauder Squad Holding Down Assault Walkers.jpg



My 3rd Militia involved in a slapfest with a Vanguard Squad

April Game vs Admech 2 Closeup of 3rd Militia Squad in Melee.jpg



Azrath reaches the enemy line and then gets gunned down

April Game vs Admech 2 Azrath Reaches the Enemy Line.jpg



And Squad BloodTongued reaches the enemy line to also get gunned down

April Game vs Admech 2 Champion Maggot Powerfists a Light Knight.jpg



While my sentinel, Renegade Commander Buzzsaw, and the remnants of Lobo's 2nd Militia Squad get chopped up by 4++ save troopers

April Game vs Admech 2 Sentinel, Renegade Commander Buzzsaw, and 2nd Militia Squad in Action.jpg



And my sentinel "Star of Chaos" which is still WIP gets bashed by Admech assault walkers

April Game vs Admech 2 Sentinel Falls to Admech Assault Walkers.jpg



It was a fun game and I learned stuff. My army was slaughtered to a man. My 8th Edition Chaos record is now 6 wins and 21 losses. I'm really enjoying using Daemon Engines and hordes of R&H so you'll see me bringing some sort of rendition of that to this year's OFCC.


Take care,

Tallarn Commander


PS I'm working on some test color swatches for painting Deffy. He'll be green of some sort. I used oil paints for the first time on these swatches. Here is an image of my possible greens that I'm considering.


May Test Panels.jpg


And some closeups of the top 3


Panel 4

May Test Panel 4.jpg


Panel 5

May Test Panel 5.jpg


Panel 7

May Test Panel 7.jpg



And the blue panel I will use on my R&H sentinels and Leman Russes

May Blue Test Panel.jpg


Enjoy the photos!






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Hobbying is more or less proceeding apace. I'm more ore less on track to have my Renegades and Heretics ready for this year's OFCC. 


I still have to paint up about 16 troopers, 2 Russes, and the 2 sentinels you see below.


Here are some pics:


Sentinels WIP





And some militia and Command Squad troopers

june wip 1.jpg


june wip 2.jpg


And some random images from March of all my R&H infantry...


March All 141 R&H.jpg

March Kira Dnegrha and Logroth.jpg


March Renegade Horde.jpg





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Hello everyone, I hope ya had a great 4th of July.

Progress is shambling along on my Chaos force for this year's OFCC.


I assembled 2 Chaos Renegades and Heretics Leman Russes, Khorne's Ire and Reaver. Here are some WIP pics.


July Russes from Left.jpg

July Russes from Right.jpg

July Russes from Rear.jpg

July Russes from Front.jpg

July Reaver from Front.jpg


I left Reaver's rear hatch and front hatch open because at some point in the future I want to add a little V8 engine from Zinge Industries to the rear and I want to try my hand at LED lighting on the front. I will definitely get these suckers rust-coated up in time for OFCC but I might not get blue paint on them in time. It's not like R&H wouldn't have rusty vehicles anyway, right. 🙂



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Hello everyone,


I've had some fun working on my Chaos hobbying recently. Here are some projects I completed in June and so far in July:

-2 Renegades and Heretics armored sentinels

-A batch of 6 Renegades and Heretics Disciples

-8 Plaguebearers

-Another batch of 6 Renegades and Heretics Disciples

-A batch of 6 Renegades and Heretics "greatcoat" infantry, most will be used as Chaos Militia


Here are some pictures.



1.) 2 R&H Armored Sentinels, Hound of Chaos and Star of ChaosJulyCompletedSentinelsFront.jpgJulyCompletedSentinelsRight.jpgJulyCompletedSentinelsRear.jpgJulyCompletedSentinelsLeft.jpg


In games these 2 suckers have proven useful. They are small and so often don't get targeted too early on. JulySentinelHound.jpgJulySentinelZombiePilot.jpgJulySetinelSkelliePilot.jpgThis allows them to dish out a decent amount of damage before being shot to death. As you can see, I've magnetized the tops so the atrophied pilots can be seen.


More images to follow...


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And my next completed project...

2.) A batch of 6 Renegade and Heretics Disciples (although they can be used in many roles, eg Command Squads, Marauders, Militia, etc)



Feygor, with the runes on his sword he could be a champion or even a character like a Renegade Commander or an EnforcerJulyDisciplesBatch2Feytor.jpg


UL, Chaos trooper with autogunJulyDisciplesBatch1Ul.jpg


Lileth, a fierce warrior of Chaos. Her face has a look of sorrow.JulyDisciplesBatch1Lilek.jpg


Gl and Kark, as you can see, Kark is cybernetically connect to the lascannon so as to assist with aimingJulyDisciplesBatch1GlandKark.jpg


Trooper Asthedor, a close combat specialistJulyDisciplesBatch1Asthedor.jpg


More to follow...




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And another project, this one I finished up last month.

8 Plaguebearers (plus a Plaguebeared I finished in May)JuneNurglePlaguebearers.jpg


Plaguebearer Penar, I'm not sure what game system this chap/chapette comes from. I picked it up at a Lake City Seattle swap meet last December.JunePlaguebearersPenar.jpg


Plaguebearer Nareen, old school model with a swordarm kitbashJunePlaguebearersNareen.jpg


Plaguebearer Donat, another kitbashJunePlaguebearersDonat.jpg


Plaguebearer Aife, because sometimes Slaanesh Daemons go over to the side of Grandfather Nurgle  🙂JunePlaguebearersAife.jpg


All completed 25 Plaguebearers. I only need to buy and paint up 5 more and I can field a legal Nurgle Daemon batallion!JunePlaguebearersall25.jpg



And a fun picture of my recently painted Plaguebearers defending Gary, Daemon Prince of NurgleJunePlaguebearersGarywithBodyguard.jpg


More images to follow...


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