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Back Door Crisis Bonus


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On 5/25/2018 at 11:59 PM, Sgt. Rock said:

Seriously? That's a really lousy thing. Who in their right mind is going to make Voronin their datatracker? If that's true, then CB isn't thinking clearly.

In some missions you just need to keep your DataTracker alive... that’s sounds like an amazing time to make him your DataTracker. That would make him effectively add 3 orders to your pool.

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That's a bit of a corner case. I could see that being worthwhile in limited insertion, but under normal circumstances, take 3 Line Kazaks and have a much less obvious Lt. and points left over. For the most part, though, they took a semi-useless character and gave him a semi-useless bonus.

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On 5/28/2018 at 6:52 PM, Sgt. Rock said:

Well, yeah, but they could have given a little more thought on how to make him more useful, rather than putting a corner case bonus on a model nobody takes anyway.

Nobody takes Voronin? I see him in a lot vanilla lists because of that Strategos L1. There are 4 scenarios which the enemy scores points for killing the enemy DataTracker (Annihilation, Show of Force, FireFight, Deadly Dance). Nearly the same number require the DataTracker to go killing things (Decapitation, Looting and Sabotaging, Transmission Matrix, The Grid, and Comms Center), the rest you can do without getting your DataTracker in a fight. For 21 points getting 3 orders, I suspect he'll be pretty popular.

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Holy threadomancy, Batman!

But with the new rules they just released for the "Datatracker special order" I'm kinda peeved. They gave Voronin an irregular order? That can't be turned regular? WTF, CB? Must be nice to be able to spend it on someone like Mansuri. As it is, Voronin is destined for the trash heap at this point. Cool model, but he's going on the shelf. 

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