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Finally. Gah. 6 Tac squads-done. Magnetized sarges (less grav pistols)-done. 6 rhinos-done. 6 each, flamers, plasma guns, meltaguns-done. 6 each of plasma cannon, heavy bolter, lascannon, multimelta, missile launcher-done. Assault squads with magnetized flamers/plasma pistols-done. Working on grav guns, but my edition proofing project is done. Now back to chaos.


Had to share somewhere.

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K. Well, this is the time I'm willing to spend. Used my phone, which isn't the best camera


Not my best work- my DAs and Chaos stuff is better- but this is more complete.














Didn't add the sarges- they're all magnetized for the sarge options, excepting I'm still working through the combi-weapons. Didn't add the vehicles or command stuff either- but I've been going magnet nuts the last few years. Still finishing my land speeder magnetizing project. Also did a Scout project as an adjunct.


On to this guy's homies:




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