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Spiral Corps Army Pack and Daedalus' Fall


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Excited for the new book! Spec Ops looks fantastic but the style of the HI feels similar to the Taskmaster and Kriza Borac which both already remind me of CA a little too much.

I don't need the army + book bundle but would be happy to throw a reasonable amount of $ at someone for Saito if anyone is going all in and wouldn't mind parting with him.

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I liked the look of Shasvastii. Wonder how much things are going to be repriced or if it's mostly just going to be rework seed soldiers, add a couple of new profiles and calling it good.

Also, damn, Spiral Corps looks sexy. Unfortunate that they're discontinuing Tohaa SKUs considering how few of them there are. Like I get that Corvus Belli, as a company, has an absurdly high number of SKUs. But Tohaa is the smallest line basically and they have to discontinue stuff to make room for Spiral Corps? Like really?

Might want to pick up some extra Sukeuls, and grab a Gao-Tarsos just in case.

Totally not bias linking the picture of mostly contents of the big box. Plus a Kaauri.

Spec-ops with default holo-projector, counter intelligence, combi breaker, nanopulser sounds amazing.

S5 dude looks hilarious.

Impersonator is definitely a different flavor than the Speculo and Fiday. Almost always level 2 impersonation marker. But, better shooter I think. And, of course, two wounds.

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I'm doubting any of the discontinued SKUs are getting repacked or redone any time soon. Even some of the new Accon stuff wasn't ever repacked.

So far today it was Haqq.

Ramah Taskforce actually looks really cool. Lots of 6-2 superhuman guys. Very different looking than previous Haqq sectorials. It's like Haqq trying to be Aleph.

QK is getting a few SKUs retired. Highlights from here are Odalisque are double wild cards, and Leila is wild card. Kaplans are also getting a haris.

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I am way more excited about Ramah than I anticipated... Very much some Aleph stuff going on with added mimetism & NWI. Lots of potential viable fireteam options. Double Maggy madness. An antipode. And whatever the heck Monstruckers are. 

I am going to be sticking with Haqq & getting myself a Maggy (or two)


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On 3/13/2019 at 10:40 AM, dataentity said:

@Natetehaggresar The wording seemed basically the same, I thought, to the Acon and French retirements. And I guess QK too. They're dropping all the non-Spiral Corps Tohaa, for now, to make room for new SKUs. Just like with the other armies, I'm sure they'll come back around sometime down the line, however many years that might be.

The big difference is those armies didn't get a big release to go along with their retirement. Vanilla Tohaa has access to all of Spiral Corps as confirmed in this video (right around 6:48). I wouldn't expect a lot of repacks to happen for the Tohaa, but they're not dropping all non-Spiral Corps Tohaa and in fact are greatly strengthening core Tohaa armies with the inclusion of the Spiral Corps release--provided you already own the discontinued SKUs of course.

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Apparently there's an extra video. NCA and Hassassins are getting updated.

NCA: Sweet Jesus Aquila Guard is getting an FTO wildcard option. Black Friar and Bipandra are also becoming wildcards. CSU count as Fusiliers for fireteams. Bolts are also getting buffed with plenty of new profiles and are also cheaper (base profile is 20 points instead of 22).

Hassassins: Lasiq with new profiles including Haris. Some profiles also get Fatality L1 (on a viral rifle or viral sniper? Yes please). Up to 2 Asawiras can join a Muyib or Govad core. Avicenna can join a Govad core. Yasbir and Leila also become Wildcard.


Other news

Reworked rules including nerfing of Symbiomates. Symbiomates, instead of ignoring succesful hits, now are one time use ARM 9, BTS 9 with Total Immunity. Sad to see old Symbiomates go, but I think that's fair. Oh, and it's obligatory. Flash pulse to force use of mates.

Depending on Vulnerability wordings with Symbiomates, it may make the Gorgos even less attractive. Can't even symbiomate your way out of fire anymore.

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It wasn't up before I went to bed at 3 AM!


Ghulams get an NCO with a light and smoke grenade launcher

Leila is a wild card.

Monstruckers are a cool engineer option. 13 points for drop bears, an smg and climbing plus.

Muktars have potential, but are a bit spendy for my tastes. 

Nahab is a close combat based airborne troop with nwi and natural born warrior. The have an infiltration option as well. 

Namurr are beasts. The can join Ghulams and Jannisaries. The have nwi, total immunity, and hyperdynamics L2 on a 12 PH. The are more Aleph than Aleph.

Zhayden are core, but why would you take them. They are a Veteran and have auto-med hits. Muktars are a better choice. 

Hortlak are light Jannisaries. With one wound, msv, bio immunity, mimetism, and nwi, they seem must addition to a Jannisaries fireteam. The chain of command option is nice. The cheap option is a nice, short ranged gun fighter. 

Tuaregs are finally a faction choice. 

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