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Guardian Games FSA Intro on 5/3/14

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Had a bunch of fun thanks for the help and socializing guys.  First game was very entertaining.  I'm impressed with the mechanics of the game which seem rich enough to be interesting but simple enough to understand.


Hope to see you all again soon.


PS. I'm sure we had many rules flubs but the most important is that ships CAN link fire with their own direct fire weapons against one target ... with the normal 1/2 modifier.  For instance a big ship can link it's own 9 dice broadside with its own 8-dice turrets (halved) giving a total of 13 dice.  This explains why our battleships could never seem to damage each other right!?  :biggrin:

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Thanks for coming guys. Me and Stoobert are really excited about this game and I wanted to let you all know that I will be posting again soon to set up another game day.

I should be getting my 4x6 Space Mat from Frontline gaming soon. I have also assembled 1,200 points of Dindrenzi and already thinking of picking from some Rense System Navy.

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