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Why I will take a Carmine Dragon to OFCC

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Brokk slammed his axe into the side of the dragons face. Arm sized teeth flew through the air from the angry blow. The Carmine Dragon knew he was defeated, Brokk had seen the look before, the final look of defiance before death. He saw it on the face of the troll his father killed when he was a lad. He saw it on the face of the orc general he slew when he was a beardling during the last Waaagh. And he saw it on the face of his brother when this Carmine dragon scooped him up and devoured him in front of his own children. The screams from his niece and nephew fueled his strikes as he remembered the devastation all those months ago. The broken bodies of his friends had littered the fiery scene, the entire settlement had been ambushed by the evil beast, yet he was left without a scratch, despite trying to engage the flying monster.


Angered further, Brokk named each of his blows for his fallen comrades he struck at the Dragon repeatedly.


The dragon glared up at the berserk dwarf slayer. Defeated, but not broken, it smiled.


Brokk stopped the pummeling. He was a gruesome sight, covered tip to toe in gore, his own blood mixing with that of the dragon in a mural of violence. He shouted spit and blood “Why did you not kill me like the others, why did you spare me!!!! ”


With a labored breath, the dragon spoke with a voice deeper than the lowest cavern in hell. “It is the others I spared. I always leave one. One to witness my wrath, to feel the sting of my bite and the burn of my flame. I always leave one, wishing........for Death.” The dragon started laughing, but it began choking on it's blood.


Brokk raised his axe high for the final strike. The dragons eyes widened, preparing for eternal darkness. As Brokk swung his axe he turned the blade at the last second so that the flat smacked into the dragon. The dragon lost consciousness, but was still breathing. Brokk bared his teeth. “Death is too good for you, now YOU will suffer!”


The mad slayer began to wrap the dragon in chains.  



After a few games, I have realized the Carmine dragon is not as broken as people might think.  As many dragons do, it is often killed before it even gets into combat.  Plus once the breath weapon is used, it is only a strength 5 monster, and not terribly scary.  In my first game it was killed from the Daemonic magic table before it even saw combat, (thanks Slannesh).  In the second game it did some damage to some rat ogres, but did not gain many points, in fact it paniced and ran for a turn before being held up by a big skaven horde.  In the third game it was able to demolish a unit of Bull Centaurs, but after that it was pretty ineffectual.   Overall I like it, but it takes some finesse to make work, and it is kind of a one and done type piece.  In fact I can say with certainty that two dwarf cannons, both with forging and one with burning, would be a cheaper more effective build....but not nearly as fun.

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