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Badger Sotar 2020 Airbrush on Amazon for $87

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Thanks for sharing Scott!


if you use promocode consortium on Badgers online store:  webairbrushes.com you get 40% off you whole purchase.  I don't think it gets the Sotar down to $87 with free 2 day shipping, but you can get a good deal on all the new Stynilrez primers and minitaire paints.  


Anyone know how the Sotar 20/20 stacks up against the Krome Renegade? Both Badger products.  

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I agree (with) Burk, it is a large compressor, but you can certainly get the proper adapters for not much monies or so to step it down to the required size.  What I do like about the link is that the compressor has the pressure regulator, a moisture trap, and a reservoir tank.  I actually do most of my painting with a Home Depot Husky air compressor that is better suited for running my air nailer.  Compress the air, store it in a buffer, make sure it is dry before it goes into the tool, have the right adapters and PSI. I think those are the core concerns.  I defer to anyone more seasoned than my armature's experimentation.




Then we start talking about paint thinning and viscosity...    mmmm.... milk.... 


The hose in the image below works between my Badger Krome and my Home Depot compressor.  That is a badger hose, with a 3 dollar home depot adapter.  



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I got the 6ft braided airbrush hose at BridgeTowne or Michael's.  The other adapter I got at Home depot, near the other compressor accessories.  


I'd love to take part in a beginners Airbrushing session.  I still count myself as newb, although I do have some successes under my belt.

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If you don't find the adapter...


51upaiUBFsL.jpg gallery_1667_66_49259.jpg


Remove the home depot adapter from the hose that I have here, and it will replace the blue hose in the picture above.  The brass end will connect right to the moisture trap, and the small end will screw directly to the bottom of the sotar without any other adapters.  

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