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Basing fun


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Getting bases ready for @pretre’s new sisters force! Using GSW pavement rolling pin for the texture on modeling clay, some flower tufts from gamer grass. 
Some things I learned:

the top of a 32mm GW base is 30mm. 

Gamer grass tufts look better than GSW flower tufts, but lose more blossoms in application ( see the photo with the red HG and purple GSW tufts)





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I let the clay dry for about 24 hours, the package said 36-48 but that’s probably for bigger stuff. I put a layer of hardcoat down  prior to painting. Didn’t prime, used skeleton horde contrast paint. I was pleasantly surprised at how good just the one coat looked and could probably leave it at that if needed. I slapped a few more colors on for funsies, will probably add more stuff to the actual pieces. 

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Checked in this morning and found some unexpected warp. Doesn’t seem like it will impact the final bases too much. I accidentally left the window open in the room overnight so weird temperature fluctuations probably played a part. The thicker bases my son made didn’t have an issue,  so next batch I’m going to increase from 2mm to 3mm and see if that helps. 


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I had some warping on the thinner roll as well... Found that it is soft enough you can just flatten it and lay so super glue (thin) into any crack that develops. It will break between cobbles any way so you won't see it once painted...


Thank you so much for this BTW. This is so much quicker, scalable and dependable for basing not to mention reasonably priced!

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