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Cabin Fever Painting Frenzy Challenge week 9!!!!

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17 minutes ago, Inquisitor66 said:

This week post a picture of the single model you are most proud of from the last two months.

From the early days of the Cabin Fever Painting Frenzy, but still one I’m really proud of Marvel Crisis Protocol’s Captain America. He was the final model of the core set I painted (and I even bought and painted the Hulk first too) because I was worried – okay, I was downright frightened! – of screwing up his star-spangled shield.

It is the most important thing to get right with him and to make it look right you’ve got to get those curved lines clean. The camera picks up a few little imperfections that the naked eye doesn’t. I pushed myself with Cap and am happy with the final result...


But the model I’ve had the most sheer fun painting was M.O.D.O.K. He’s just such a great, classic Jack Kirby design and the sculptors managed to capture the balance between menacing and goofy that the character should have. Painting the “fart cloud” was fun, plus it’s always great to use colors like purple and yellow that normally don’t see use. But it was his big giant head’s big giant face with a big giant sneer meant I got to play around with blending skin tones and shades that I normally don’t (and can’t) do on a normally sized figure.


Heck, I’ve even made M.O.D.O.K. my Facebook avatar:


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Did someone call a hunting party?


Among these guys are my very first ever painted miniatures, now painted over, of course. Some of these were Imperial Fists before, and some test models for a Black Templars force that never came to be. Now they all join my White Scars as Ebon Keshig, who wear an alternate livery signifying their... special qualities that have made them a part of that brotherhood. 

They join my previously painted Aggressors in this small contingent of the army:


Of course I need an HQ to finish out the patrol detachment. Fortunately, I have just the model. The old Kor’sarro Khan from before he got Primarisized! 

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I haven’t so much as touched my Samurai army this past week. The first half was swallowed up by home improvement tasks, the middle was consumed by birthday shenanigans (my oldest and I share a birthday), and the last half was spent playing with my new 3D printer.

But I did paint up this earth elemental soldier to go along with the two spellcasters I already did. 

I’ve mostly been printing these guys as “test prints” to iron out kinks with my new 3D printer. But they’re absolutely adorable and really fast to paint. I’m tempted to make a full warband (if not a full army) of the lil guys. They’d work in most fantasy game systems as “counts as” goblins or dwarves, I think...



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2 minutes ago, CountElmdor said:

That for Underworlds? I’ve been playing the PC adaptation of the game, and loving it. If you’ll play on the tabletop, maybe I’ll get some minis.

It’s my understanding that Underworlds is played on a gridded map of fixed size? If not, then this table will certainly work... But my intent is to make a table for Frostgrave from Osprey Publishing.

Frostgrave is a 28 mm scale skirmish campaign game, not too dissimilar in concept from Mordheim or Necromunda, but with a lot less bookkeeping and without Games Workshop forgetting the game exists after six months. There is an updated second edition of the game due out later this summer (although, these days, who knows if it will be released on time?) and the first edition of it is currently available as a free PDF. It’s a wonderful game that only asks you to collect about 10 miniatures (although I recommend about 15-20). 

The table is 37” square and my plan is to have a few fixed pieces of terrain, like the raised platform (above) in one corner and a hill/glacier (not yet built) opposite. I’m going to run some cobblestone roads across the table and make some “frames” out of stone sidewalks. These “frames” will all be in fixed sizes (I’m thinking three or four 6” and one 12” in the center) and of fixed depth. Then I will be able to make other pieces of terrain on bases that will “plug in” to the frames.

Frostgrave is meant to be played on a 3’ x 3’ table with a lot of terrain to represent the ruined city. But I’d also like to be able to play Oathmark or Age of Sigmar on the same table.

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