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Starting a log of my progress on my putrid choir.

These 3 guys where my start back into painting after a long break. I am going for a putrid choir look (lighter green with blue rusty highlights). I color in layers- base, highlight, wash, highlight and pick out the fiddly bits. I felt pretty good how these came out but there is more i can learn as i go.



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Just now, FastHippy said:

@Lyraeus Crusade list? I have not been keeping up with 9th 😞 Crafting everyday playing someday 🙂

So Crusade is a Narrative version of Match Play. 


You build a 50 Power Level force to start and spend Requsition points (RP) in order to buy things like relics, warlord traits, or upgrades.


For instance I have a Warboss on Bike and to give him Da Biggest Boss strat I have to spend 1 RP to do so but he gets it permanently and I dont have to spend a CP to have it now. There is a downside but thats deeper into the rules. 

You start with 5 RP to start and get more from completing games and possible from missions. You can never have over 5 so the first 5 you get can be spent. If you want I have pictures of the rule book just send me a PM.



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Sorry about the slow update. I have been base coating and building for a while. Beyond what you see here is 5 more blightlords, 1 more plague burst and 2 more blight drones. I am looking to pick up a few more plague marines (I am 1 blight launcher away from three blight five mans) and perhaps some poxwalkers for pox lists. Painting is coming along slowly but surly. My wife bought me some new paints so i will be trying some different things as I go once i finish up my plague marine squads. Also the guitar marine will be likely be in my list as I am painting in the putrid choir theme.


Completed 5 man (~10 more to go with what i have):


WIP marines:


Lots of CC marines... i need to buy some more marines to have 3 blight launcher squads:


Magnetized tank:


Lots of characters= lots of options


Forgeworld deathshrouds...


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