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Figured I would start this off since I have not seen much traction. 

Asking people for games via this thread!

Here is the Discord Link for those interested.



I am including how to set up TTS as well! 


This post for how to use Table Top SImulator

To use Table Top Simulator you will need to find the army you wish to use. Just click on the Workshop button



Then click on the search bar


Type in the Army you are looking for (If you are having issues I can find a few that are good, just ask)


Hover over and click the Plus sign on the one you want or you can click on the one you are looking at and subscribe to it after reviewing the pictures. 


Once in Table Top Simulator Click on Create and then Single Player


One you click on Single Player it will prompt you to select the game. Select either the Workshop or the item you just subscribed to.


Once in there click on Objects at the top of the Screen.


Then click on Components.


Click on Tools


Click on Bag


The game will prompt you to place the bag on the table. 


From here just drag and drop the units you want in this army. You can select 1 model for instance and in the actual game just copy and paste it.


Once you are done Dragging and dropping into the bag the units you want to use, just Right Click the bag and select Save Object. 


It will prompt you to name the Bag. Name it and Save it.

From there you can access the bag by going back to Objects and clicking on Saved Objects. Your bags will be there waiting for you.


From there you just need to open a map from the Workshop like you did the army builder.


Place your Army Bag on the table and drag click on the back and drag and drop. It will pull out 1 model or item at a time. As stated I recommend only putting 1 model for each squad in there. Many of these have different states to the models which to get to just right click the model and if it has a State option near the top then it has multiple Wargear Versions. The necrons I use show this. 




If the Army Builder you picked doesnt have this option then make sure that you have the appropriate models for your Army in your bag. You can always copy and paste models if you have permission. 


When you create the game make sure it is in Multiplayer. Create a Game Name and make sure there is a Password. 


Let me know if you have any questions or want to get a test game in. 

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