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Mega gargants

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Pretty much, yeah.

The three new Megargants will run 480 or 490 points each, the “smaller” Mancrusher Gargants run 180 each or 480 for a unit of three. If you run Sons of Behemat as your Allegiance, then a single maximum sized units of three Mancrushers will count as three separate Battleline units for Matched Play rules.

So, basically, you’re looking at a minimum of six models (three Mancrushers and your choice of any combination of the three bigger guys) with a maximum possible of nine (eight Mancrushers and one bigger guy) in a 2,000 Point list.

If you don’t want to run SoB allegiance, you can add a megagargant character as an ally to another army, there’s one for each of the non-Destruction Grand Alliances (SoB’s are already Destruction, so you’ve got more flexibility adding them as allies to other Destruction armies).

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Faeit 212, who is almost always right about these things, is reporting a price of $195 USD for the new Megagargant kit and $125 for the Mancrusher kit (which is just the old WHFB giant that’s been around for years with a new name).

Not too bad, considering the sheer size of the models and how detailed they are...

On a completely unrelated note that surely has nothing to do with GW’s upcoming release, Mierce Miniatures has most of their giants on sale for half price this week.

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I’ve never cared for the Age of Sigmar setting*, but the rules are solid and gameplay is a lot of fun. Just like 40k or any other game, there’s always ways to run an unbalanced list or a just plain boring one... But I don’t think a Sons of Behemat army will be one.

Yeah, they are massive piles of beef with huge Wounds totals and strong mêlée attacks. But their shooting is mediocre, they don’t appear to have any magicians, and their low model count is going to seriously hamper their ability to compete in Objective based battles.

I think they’re going to be a tough matchup for the Stormcast Eternals and Slaves to Darkness factions to deal with, so I expect to see a lot of chattering ninnies on the internet complaining about them. You know the old joke about “Dear developers, Paper is OP and must be nerfed. Scissors is fine. Sincerely, Rock”  I think every other faction in AoS will find them a challenge that requires some new thinking, but ultimately a balanced one... Except Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz who will probably be the SoB’s hard counter

Both orc factions have a ton of anti-Monster and anti-Behemoth tricks that don’t get used much against most armies that only have one or two big centerpiece units that don’t always see the table.

As always, it’s usually more a question of sportsmanship and attitude that determines how people will react to you at the table, more than your army of choice. Don’t be “That Guy” and everything should be fine.


* It’s gotten a lot better, but it will always be a High Magic, High Fantasy, Cosmic Adventure setting which is my least favorite fantasy genre, instead of the Low Magic, Dark Fantasy, Pseudo-Historical setting of WHFB which I absolutely love.

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