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The West German Plan


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Anyone else ever hope that putting an idea down in Ordo might help keep you on track, or at least someday remember your previous "good" ideas?

Anyway... The West German Plan (or... "Wait, you mean Panzer doesn't mean "Panther"?")


On the left, a youtube video. On the right, the TY HD patterns from the official site.


More TY sample tanks... 


Get the TY WG Camo Patterns here: Team Yankee (team-yankee.com)

YouTube video with an interesting take on how to do the brown and black in this camo pattern, starting at about the 90 second point, but the who video is worth your time.

The thing that this video did different than others was the use of thinned paints for the black and browns...

I'll adjust for some issues I think I see in the video, but I am working up a set of steps that I can reproduce in stages.

This is what will eventually be my American + West German force. 

More soon? #FutureProgress  (EDIT: Removed duplicate image, spelling)


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All purchased models above came from Geeks and Games down in Oregon City. I love me some FLGS that sells the game I want to build models for!  It's a mission from where I live, but I'm much happier spending money there than some rando web store! They Team Yankee on Tuesdays, I believe, but I have never been down to play. 

Luchs Spah Trupp, Marders 1s, Weisel Tows, LARS, Panzergrenadier Zug Fliegerfaust Gruppe

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I've been running the West Germans since they came out and I am still enjoying them.  The Marder infantry formations are the best, either with marders or with m113s.  I still prefer the older Leopard 2, and the Older Marder, fewer points so I can add in more Gepards and Milan missiles.


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Found this neat little reference to Force Org for W Germany in the 80's. It's for another game, but I mostly still seems to fit. Kind of... Clearly, I have no prior service.



For example, here is 100 Pts of the III Corps 5th Pz Div, Pz Brg 15 'Westerwald', Mixed Panzer Battalion 154, 1st?, 2nd? Kompanies

I couldn't find examples of company designations. For those that are in the know, how can I best adjust my abstraction?

Division and Brigade:



Brigade and Battalion:


Battalion and Kompanie:



Kompanie and Unit: (Abstraction note: Obviously a company has a few more than 5 tanks...)




Any ways, here's the 100 pts list:



Oh, and how;s my list? 🙂



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