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Test Out Your OFCC Lists: GN 9/21/14

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So I spent a large amount of time with my son this summer but the next two weekends I have free to Game!


So I will be down 'With' my army (my models should be home by then) to get some final games in before OFCC. Hochland will fight with honor for the Empire and Karl Franz. FOR THE EMPIRE!


Also next week I have Wed-Sun off as a mini vacation if anyone wants some practice games.

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hehe new dice.  id take on the cowboys next week if you feel up to taking on the little guys with giant weapons, ML.  i need some experience against the good ol boys anyways.  only played them once.


Unless something comes up You're On. Of course I will have to play my list different, your list will not really be concerned with heavy armor and those miners are going to eat my artillery.


Well got to learn how to beat it.

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if you have an infantry heavy list i think you'll be fine :) this list lost to beast men very heavily so horde units with buffs will hold their own against dwarf infantry. especially since most my stuff is ASL, you'll eliminate a lot of attacks back

Not Slayers. :wink:

It's that Long Beard unit I see being the biggest issue. I have some ideas but it all comes down to the table at hand. Anyway it goes it will be fun. (just wonder if my helblaster can clear that miner unit when it hits the table? It won't be doing much else with a 24" range.)

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