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Ordo 40k Escalation League - Week 1


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Escalation League - Week 1 

For those of you considering playing in the Ordo 40k Escalation League, here are the league points available at the first game session, beginning January 13, 2014.  Because you can gain league points for painting during the month of December, I'm posting this information now.



To ease everyone into the league, the opening week we will be playing Maelstrom of War: Cleanse and Control from the basic rule book.  Depending on attendance, we may play on full size tables, or play on 4x4 tables.  Players should plan on bringing their Maelstrom objective cards, if they have them.  (If you don't, you might want to pick some up, as we will be playing a lot of maelstrom missions throughout the league).


Special Objectives for the Week


Not in the Face!:  If your warlord survives the battle not only do you deny your opponent the victory point for slay the warlord, you gain +1 league points (not victory points) and next week (if you play the same warlord) you get a re-roll on the warlord trait table.


Secure Objective X:  At the beginning of the game, after objective markers are placed, roll a dice.  The objective marker that corresponds to the dice roll has special league significance.  Whoever controls that objective at the end of the game gains +1 league points.  Note, this is not a victory point.  Holding this special objective has no bearing on who wins the game.  It gives a bonus only to league points.



Win the mission +4 league points

Tie +3 league points

Loss +2 league points


PAINTING LEAGUE POINTS - Painting points are awarded for models that are painted to a three-color minimum and based.  A maximum of 10 painting points is available each week.

Beginning the league with 500+ points painted?  +5 league points (regardless of when painted)

Models you've painted since December 1 in anticipation of the league:

+1 per infantry model

+2 per bike base model

+3 per 40mm-50mm based models

+5 per vehicle, flyer, or 100mm base models



Did you bring food for the group?  +2 points

Was it homemade? Bonus +1



In the week prior to the match did you post on Ordo or blog about your army?  +1 point

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I'm torn between trying to do a harlequin themed joint eldar list… or a FW Corsair list…  Paint scheme for the harlequins would be dark…gothic DE styled Harlequins.  Corsair - DK.Grey (PMS Black 7) /Red (PMS 7559 ish…maybe) /Yellow (more of a golden rod… PMS 130 possibly)… details in bone.. gems in teal/ice blue… Tanks blackish … with white/grey void lines.  


Just not sure yet - I don't want to match my blue/teal wraith army that I have been doing for a decade lol.



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I'm having trouble deciding on a paint scheme for my Tau. But I'm toying around with this idea. Now my whole army is unpainted, so hopefully this will work out well.


Make sure you add the hammer and sickle....

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To be honest, I didn't even see that. However, upon further reflection, it sort of fits with the whole "greater good" theme. I'm keeping it!

I did figure it was innocent. The constant TAU joke is what they do when their firewarriors "retire," think animal farm.

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