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W: fun co-op xbox360 games to play with my son


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I don't have any games to trade, but wanted to provide a list of games my kids and I love to play co-op.


Depending on your son's Age?



- Borderlands 2 (or the newer 'the pre-sequel'). Excellent co-op games!

- Diablo 3 (the new Reaper of souls one) is great!

- Destiny has proven to be ok and tame content wise, but requires separate Xboxes and Xbox Live accounts to play...no split screen.

- Call of Duty was fun with the survival modes (not sure which one you'd want though)


Younger approved but excellent for all ages!:

- Minecraft

- Dungeon defenders

- Halo 3 or Halo 4

- Guitar Hero

- Castle Crashers

- Battleblock Theater

- Portal 2

- Rayman Legends

- Trials Evolution (or the newer one)

- Lara Croft Guardians of Light

- Marvel Ultimate Alliance

- Warhammer 40k Kill Team



There are others we have too, but we felt these were the heavy hitters we have played MANY hours on.

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Thanks for the great suggestions. I meant diablo3 not 2. Was diablo 2 even on xbox360? I can not keep up with all the games. They did recommend marvel ultimate alliance at the game storw so we picked that up and are getting close to beating it. We love it and have had a blast playing it together. He is 6. Anyway, i was hoping to find another game for when we finally beat MUA and are ready to move on. Because of his age it needs to be fairly tame (Diablo is probably pushing it) and needs to have fairly easy controls.

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All of the superhero lego games are great. The level designs in a few of the other titles can get a bit wonky, but they're all good options.


Torchlight 2 supports multiplayer, but I don't think it supports local co-op. Borderlands is an excellent local co-op game, but may not be appropriate for a 6yo.


There's a sequel to the marvel ultimate alliance game (unless you were playing the sequel).

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Two you should consider, even though rated M.


Diablo 3 might be rated M, but the gameplay is so high up you really don't see gore and such. I do believe there is one level with a succubus, but never saw any detail. Played through the non expansion one with kids and it seemed fine.


Halo 1-4 is one of those games that should have been rated T for Teen. Great FPS without all the Call of Duty language, content, etc. They just released that full collection on Xbox One, would have to single play each one for Xbox 360, and Halo 2 is still OLD Xbox format, but runs on Xbox 360.

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