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Good trades thread


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I've noticed we don't have a good trades thread and would like to fix that.

People I've had great experiences with (in no particular order):

Pretre: Quick, courteous and professional. Always awesome.

Splinx: Nice guy, it was a pleasure.

Prophesy: Our haves/wants didn't match up so we never actually traded but he was super nice. If our needs line up in the future I wouldn't hesitate to trade with him.

MauzDeadalive: Did a big IG for Orks swap a while back. He was great. You know it's a good trade when you both open your box and immediately call the other guy to make sure you didn't rip him off. Everyone happy, everyone wins.

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I know I'm forgetting a bunch, but off the top of my head, I've had really good dealings with Pretre, Splinx, VanSaar, Fixxer, Necrontyr, and Kingpin. I know there are more, and I'm pretty sure the only guy on here I had trouble with in a trade has since been banned, but those are the ones I can remember names for right now.

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Yeah, as much as I like the good press... I don't know that we need one here. I haven't ever had a bad trade through ordo (that I remember). Most other places have this kind of thing to make sure your potential partner is not a jerk. Here, that's assumed.


If, on the other hand, we are doing it as a feel good thread with no particular utility, then never mind, I'll go back to being over here. :)

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I think the negative component is important as this site has a few of what I would call back-out artists. They love to make agreements and then never respond after both parties were supposedly happy. I know people in person here so this is where I love to trade first.

That's a good point. It would be nice to know of someone of this description before running into them.
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