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FFG finally previews the Aggressor (IG-2000)

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I'm liking IG-88B or IG-88C in combo with IG-88D a lot more than anything else.  With that fixed firing arc, I'm gonna want that added maneuverability from the D along with either the free evade added to a boost from C or the secondary attack chance from B.  I feel like the IG-88A ability is an unfavorable gamble for tournament play when the meta has been favoring builds of 2-3 ships; if swarms become a thing again, then it starts getting more appealing.


Either way, it has an interesting dial, should be exciting!

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Double IGs are gonna be fun for sure. So many different combos and an amazing dial to boot. We'll definitely get a lot of mileage out of these guys.


My prediction, though is that you won't often see them unless they're run in pairs. Their cost is too similar to the firespray which I think will be the better stand-alone ship. Both Fett and Scarlett are too high on the cost-efficiency scale-with the PS to leverage it.

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