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Yay for the OFCC!

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Hey everyone!


I'm super-excited to be gearing up to play in the OFCC again with you all! Quite a while back I pretty much dropped off into the black hole of babies, which has been confusing and awesome all at once, and now my weebles are of age that I can actually leave them with my dear wife for the weekend without feeling like I've abandoned her to a whirlwind of insanity (my daughters are those particularly intense kind of children...)


It seems like the faces have changed somewhat, so I'm probably going to be a newcomer to a lot of folks, which will of course be lots of fun!


I'm also super pumped to see all the old-timers again! I haven't yet figured out who all is still around, but I see folks like Raindog, Ruger, Veskit, and thatdave which is awesome! I would love to see the old clubs all again (DMB, hamsters, WCP, etc...)!


So in a round-about way, I guess I'm asking who all is still rocking the WFB OFCC since 5+ years back?


Can't wait to roll dice with ya'll!

-Micah aka Orkdork


P.S. Children have made me a 'pudding brain' of sorts (and long live the tenth), so I may not be able to provide quite the same number-crunching services as I used to.


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Welcome back old friend! DMBz are indeed still attending and you may even recognize some of them.


I'm guessing you and Nathan are resurrecting the Shop of Chop. Will Joel be joining us?


I will throw down the challenge gauntlet right now:


DMBz: Team Nut Punch challenges Shop of Chop aka Team Sheller to a first round throw down. Pick it up if you have the stones. :wink:

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Thanks, guys! One of my new year's resolutions is to get out of Hillsboro more often this year. I actually made it to a blazers game last night, which is huge for me these days. Where are you guys playing these days?


Baby mist is indeed gross, yet familiar. Ando, I also totally miss our DnD games. We gotta get that going again!


Ratrek, swapping kiddo stories is pretty much my favorite thing. I'm one of THOSE dads :) My girls are effing nuts, good for lots of laughs. They're THOSE kids :)


Bronson, let me know where you regularly game and I'll try to make it out that way! Or if you're in H'bo, I have a table here.


Dave, let's do it! (as said by Gary Gilmore just before the shots began)


I'm stoked!

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