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Da Mommaz Boyz Brawl (DMB) thread is UP !!!


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For various reasons, the Warhamsters have a special relationship with DMB.  I think it's because we come at the game, and gaming, in much the same way they do, fun, inebriated, over the top, fun, inebriated, hobby oriented and PBR.  I've only made the trip east for this event once, and I regret this.  I am going, hell or high water, this year.  I have room for 2-3 others in the CRV, but I don't split rooms.  At this point I'll turn it over to the esteemed Mr. Vice President Joey Kanopka.

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What! How did this happen!

intrizic, on 27 Feb 2015 - 06:30 AM, said:snapback.png

But you don't sell to people out of the Portland area  :sad:  :angry:

You have a car! :P I feel like I need to find all my old stuff and see if it would be worth getting a retron 5 always wanted to play my portable games on the TV... 



I was take a stand against corporate America and you supported the other side...

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