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Warhamster Hoodies?

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This could probably wait until the meeting, but I wanted to post what I've been working on and get an idea of interest leading into things and springboard some discussion. Last time we did a shirt order, we also did an order of pullover hoodies. Me, I prefer zip-up hoodies so...




Basically I have the Classic Hamster™ full logo on the back and the new Cute Hamster™ logo on front left. This is a fairly rough version as we'll need a version of the Cute Hamster™ image with some thicker lines for a final printjob, but I think this font will look good.


What do you guys think? Any suggested changes? Would people be interested in picking one up? Prices would be around $40 if we got 6 orders and dropping down from there depending on how many we got. There are about 19 different color options.

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Zip up hoodie would be great! If we use Blue cotton, they usually let you add additional pieces without additional charge, so long as you use the same screen. That'd mean a hoodie that just has the tshirt design on the back. Which would be ok, but if it's reasonable to get a little hamster on the left breast, that'd be great! Price it out! I want one!

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Actually that's not true. Doing the print on the back counts as a whole new design and actually adding any new garment type counts as a new design as well for bulk pricing. Last time we ordered enough sweatshirts to get a good price on them, but the people that got specialty stuff like lady's cut shirts had to pay more. Adding the design on the front is about $8-$9 more (depending on order qty) so if enough people think they'd prefer a cheaper hoodie with just the back design, we could do that instead. Definitely up for debate as is the font and the size of the logo and everything. Really we could do one order one way and another the other way if we had at least 6 of each as that's the cutoff for getting a discount.

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