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warhamsters meeting notes march 10 2015

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bring- a - friend for demo day idea.  
March 28th golden mile poll.  starts at caps.  
OFCC check-in.
  Dice colours: check in for top 5 options.  purple, green, blue, reddish, and teal.
Butt dice: individual orders only.  

 Cute hamster passed no nays.
Put: 2 sided shirts classic front cute back. 30-40 cost range. Through blue cotton we need 6 ppl for each style ( single or double)
New quote: I dont fear an army of Lions led by a sheep, but I do fear an army of sheep led by a hamster. " up for vote and discussion.  
April 18, 15$ buyin for local tournament.  

all done on my phone by keisha. Please excuse the formatting, ill clean it up later

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Was the 30-40 cost range for t-shirts, or was that for hoodies? Made an attempt to drive up last night but had too many people call in sick at work.


Glad I'll still have a chance for butt dice.


It looks like you found the shirt thread to answer this, but in case you're still confused or anyone else is, shirts will be $10-12ish, hoodies $30-40ish.

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