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Bellingham Warhamsters: 4-14 Tuesday Night GAMES !!!


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VonVikee what time can you play? 6:30 is a tad late for me.

I'm off work at 4 have an interview so I'll be fancy but could come pretty much straight down grabbing a bite on the way call it 5pm.


To ensure proper expectations tho you have decent anti tank right? I'm toying around with lots of dreamforge leviathans (non gw super fancy nice models) as imperial knights. 3 imperial knights mixed with Grey knights. Warlord is one of the big guys :).

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Valhalla, a few pointers, If I may:


1.) Don't get shot. If your models aren't on the board they can't be hurt.

2.) Don't Shoot. If your shooting then your on the board. See section 1.)

3.) Don't play. If your playing your violating sections 1.) & 2.). For information please refer to those sections.


No but all kidding aside, you'll do fine. Just kill his warlord and you get to watch that Beard growing, Interview having, Kilt wearin' yahoo curl in the fetal position in a cold shower. The sweetest taste of victory our the tears of our triple titan opponents.

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I'll looking for an OFCC prep game of 40k 2k points Mealstrom (sp). I'm still in the process of getting my list together


EDIT: scratch that


Kevin I owes you games upon games of X-wing, you down to play bro?

Perhaps! But I did already schedule a game with Greg who's trying to get into X-wing, and...I-Forget-His-Name who's not new to X-wing, but he is new to Warhamster game nights. I'd love a 3rd game if I've got time but you never know how long learning games take...


Next Tuesday is my birthday though. And games with Loren on that night shall be dubbed "Plan B".

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