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Yet Another T-shirt Poll!

Yet Another T-Shirt Poll  

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  1. 1. Which T-Shirts do you like? Choose as many as you like.

    • 80s Metal
    • Old English
    • Classic Hamster
    • Spiky with Line
    • Spiky sans Line

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Whichever the final one is will need a cleaned up version. The envelope mesh on the two I did need cleaned up, and the 80s metal font needs to be lightened up a bit of possible. The three you did would need to have the fonts tweaked so they fit the circle evenly, and would need to use the full-res hamster image.

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How is it that we have the quote win by a landslide and yet apparently everyone hates it? Jim I prefer old English over metal but either works perfectly. However can someone please, please, please fix those eyes? He looks like a hamster on a bad acid trip. Do I have an answer on how to fix it? Not really, but thanks for asking. What is he looking at?


That's my hyper criticalism for the day. Either than that great work Jim.

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Everyone hates the quote? Pretty sure that was just Corey.


Cleaned up, non-warped version is below. Is good?


Nathan, is this how the eyes look? Supposed to be different? If so, let me know what to do or what format you want the file in.


Kacy, once it's finalized do you want it as a super big giant high-res png, or some other format?



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So, eyes fixed, final version is below. Anything else? Kacy, if this is good, I'm going to send you an ENORMOUS png that should scale like a boss. For future reference, we've also got original vector files, so if it ever needs to to 60 ft huge, we can do it. Yea, team! We (almost) did it!



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