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How popular is Dystopian Wars?


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Last time I saw it played was at knightfall games. Pretty sure lots of local players own armies for it, but not sure where they meet up for it, or even if there is a regular meet up for that game.


Game is rather similar in design to Firestorm Armada, which has a local group that meets on saturdays at GG to play. Stoobert basically runs that group.

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2 of the employees @ Card Kingdom in Seattle (Big James, and Chris McKey) are die hard fans and have a couple of games in with the new rules. There are 6 or so of us a bit more fair weather players. Talk was of making Sunday the weekly get together. I like the game, what little I have absorbed of the new rules looks good.

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i (one of the before mentioned employees @ Card Kingdom) have plc and Russians and we have been playing Monday days and have a water table set up and have spartan games Seattle as a face book group.  but if any one want a game i would love too the 2nd edition rules clean up a lot of stuff and it seems to be a really good system

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