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LF - Forge World Order soon?


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yeah - same here.  I would max out at near half the free shipping mark.  (about 200$)  - If we got that - it would take care of the extra fees.  And depending on the size of what you would be ordering - A USPS flat rate box isn't a bad option - I've used them many times and would not have an issue with forwarding things on… (doing the reboxing and stuff that is)




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LOL i have the Brown sauce for the Bacon Sarnies! I usually play up here in Vancouver over the river from Portland at Mythic Realm Games up in Salmon creek. 


As for food and drink I did have a nice big box of PG Tips sent over to me in a care package along with some hobnobs! I think they may all be gone though now. :)


Shoot me a PM with what games you play other than 40k and we will get a game in sir when you get back from blighty! 

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