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Game night @ WOW / Tuesday, June 16


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Oh yeah! Prep for OFCC time. Come on down and get your practice game for the big event. If you have an OFCC list, post up what your rating is and play against your peers to get a feel for your force.


I'll be bringing my 1 rated Sisters and another scalable army to practice against 2's and 3's.

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

I will be there with ofcc and deadzone. My ofcc is all built and just a few models left to paint. I do have 4 missiles I need to magnetize on to my birds.

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Is anyone interested in a game? I play dark Eldar with eldar allies if anyone wants to play I'm looking for help to kinda make my army a really good list that I can take to tournaments and do decent. So let me know I'm available between 4 and 9 tomorrow night

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