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Extralife 40k Tourney Sat Nov 7th @ Mythic Realm Games, Vancouver, WA


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Hi Guys

After the increasing success on last year we are yet again raising money via a Charity Tournament for Doernbecher's, Childrens Hospital in Portland.

Take a look at our website www.extra-life.org for more details on the charity.

Entry will be $25 for the Day of Gaming which will fully go to the Hospital. Amazing Prize support has yet again been provided by Kromlech.eu (trust me there are some awesome prizes) and the prize pool is bigger than last year.


This is a non competitive Tourney for people to just have fun, meet new battlefield foes and support a great cause. Prizes will be based on random events, sense of humor and overall being a great sport. Last years winners included the unluckiest player, best sense of humor, and most enjoyable to play against.


40k - 2000pts Fun, Fluffy lists please. The fluffier the better! Fluffiest army will win a prize, Random opponents, random non GW fun scenarios will be provided.

Details will be provided on the Facebook page for the event! Please feel free to share and come along and support a great cause.




Registration for the Event will start at 11am and kick off will be 11.15am


The address is:


Mythic Realm Games

14313 NE 20th Ave

Suite A108

Vancouver, WA 98686

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LOL hence why i am organizing the event and not playing. ha ha! :) God help us if we have odd numbers and i need to get involved. can you imagine how long a turn would last moving 250 models. LOL


And I can always pitch-in with about the same number of Hormagaunts/Termagants of my own... "If you need more..."  ;)



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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

I'm stoked be fun to play outside of normal area. Pics of swag?


You need to get a Vegas shovel to push the bugs around like you push troops. Just put a 6" track on to push or pull with.


When you put that many down I doubt you are trying to worry about blast templates.

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