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WTS: Dwarfs, Samurai, AoS Stormcast, Misc...


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I have:


AoS Stormcast Eternals figures from the starter set


2x Thane (1 missing weapon, 1 modified weapon) (primed)
2 x cannon crew (painted)
1 x cannon
1x slayer
14 x thunderers (painted)
2x thunderer command (painted)
18x warriors (painted)
2x warrior command(painted)
10x miners
2x miner command

33 partially painted and assembled warriors
48 bodies for either warriors or thunderers
tons of head pieces for the warriors or thunderers
1x unassemebled metal gyrocopter
1x master engineer
1x battle standard bearer
1x organ gun (primed) w crew (painted)
20 15x metal slayers w command
20x metal ironbreakers w command
1x demon/dragon slayer
1x unassembled organ gun or cannon
1x set of artillery dice and templates
8th dwarf book
small rule book
tons of various bits (weapons, arms, scenery, shields, banners, etc)
I also have three toy/lego items that I used as warmachines (2x grudge thrower, 1x bolt thrower)


A large Samurai/Nippon army that is not really assembled



Also a sealed set of GW movement trays



1x metal The Dreamer box set

1x metal Teddy

3x metal Daydreams



Appendix B and C from the masterpiece collections. These are for the VF-1J, B is blue and C is red.


Wii Console w/ wireless adapter, two wiimotes, charging station, classic controller

Wii Sports

LoZ Skyward Sword

Active 2 Personal Trainer w/ Armband

Wii Fit+ w/ Balance Board

New Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Galaxy

Punch Out

Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident

Monster Hunter 3 Tri


$100 for all of the wii stuff


D&D 4th

Player's Handbook 1, 2, 3

Monster Manual 1, 2, 3

DM Guide


I have pics of these items if anybody is interested.




X-Wing miniatures

Infinity Aleph

Painting services


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