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9th Age beta playtesting

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Hey guys.


9th age is nearing its beta release in the next couple of weeks. So far they have released three sneak peaks of rule changes that are included. These include fixes for Gutstars, Heroes on Chariots and Steadfast. I'm most excited to be able to run a HE character on a chariot, because it will finally be stronger than dollar tree paper towels. 


Links with more goodies: http://warhammer.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=130720&sid=711c60ef5007188dd9c6655e2f8fc53c


Is anyone willing to test out some of these changes after they release the beta?


That or we can just continue theoryhammering in this thread. s'all good

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They have some odd choices. Things that stood out to me:

Miscasts - way too brutal. Spells better be game winners otherwise it is too easy to lose your investment.

Steadfast - you only need to outnumber one enemy unit in that combat to gain steadfast. So that makes flankers nearly useless unless they have two plus ranks. Also, no mention of when to count ranks.

Ridden Monsters - you can't fight the character - I would have thought they would solve this with building combined stats like GW did for End Times.

LOS/cover - this needs some more work still.


I still need to read the special rules and spells. The jury is still out. I like that IR does not auto succeed or cannot be dispelled, and visa versa. But the miscast table is too harsh. I'd rather spells just not be as powerful and miscasts be flavorful, not game changing.


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Hellooooooo. It has been very quiet in here. Is anyone alive??


I'd like to set up a game to test this, but I don't even know if Sunday nights are still happening. I'm available Sun-Thurs evenings. Yes, I know I'll have to row through traffic to get anywhere, but I'll deal with it.



P.S. Here is the latest announcement from the 9th Age designers.


Dear players

The way work is done on the 9th Age is very different to what many gamers have been used to in the past. So we are compelled to give a few explanations to ensure understanding with the community, for whom we are doing this.

The 9th Age is currently in, what is known in the gaming industry as, pre-beta testing stage, and will soon enter the beta testing stage once the army book development teams get selected.

The current stage in the development of the game is a period when the product is almost always kept from the scrutiny of the public and these initial drafts are always prone to sudden changes. In contrast to most game developing projects we have decided to keep the public in the loop from the very begining, and it is this process that you are currently observing and participating in.

During this initial period before the beta army documents are drafted the imput of the community is valuable as a failsafe mechanism. All input is appreciated but the one optained through playtesting carries greater weight. Here we depend upon you as the community to help us out in the playtesting process (to suplement our own internal playtesting) so that we may produce the best game possible.

The current TAC document is here to provide a stop gap measure that allows players to play with their models in the 9th Age and is far from a finished product. In addition the TAC army lists will serve as a skeleton for the initial drafts for the future army books. Currently the TAC lists lack certain rules players have been acustomed to, due to streamlining. Most if not all of these will return in one form or another in the army books.

So we ask the community to help us out by testing the drafts we present you. Also don't be alarmed if you playtested an earlier version of the document, as this will also provide us with valuable information, showing us if the change made was validated or not.

At the moment we are focusing on the units far more than one characters because the latter are easier to balance, in order to help us out we would like to ask you if you could play with more units than usual in your games. When selecting army lists for you playtest games we would be thankful if you would take only the necessary characters and focus on the meat of the army, which is the units. Also through current playtesting it has been shown that the army size of 2000 points is best suited for testing units, since at that size of the game it is easier to notice if a certain unit is weaker or stronger than it should be compared to its cost. That said we are not telling you to not play your average sized games (at whatever points size they may be) as different sizes of the game are prone to providing different data. For the moment we are focused on balancing our game in the 2000-2999 point range which is an average game that would take an evening to play and is most often encountered in tournaments.

What is important is that you report your experiences from these games so that we may have appropriate data needed to produce a quality product for the benefit of all. So please remember all of this will be very hard to achieve without you, the playtesters.

As a final note we would like to thank you on all the feedback, and help you have already provided, and invite you to continue on this game developing journey with us.

The 9th Age team

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With the decision of master's going to KoW I think most tournaments will be that now. Aos will still have it's gw cash cow but 9th is sadly I think going to the pasture here in the USA. Sad cause it was my favorite. Etc is running 9th so maybe you should try moving to Europe . Ok jokes aside I do think it looks cool. Unfortunately my desire has kinda just completely switched to infinity at the moment.. I think you can still come and grab someone to play a game Sunday's. Don't think raindog would object to that at all!

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I'm really surprised that the WFB community just hasn't decided to continue on with 8th. You have a solid and fairly popular rule set and you have Swedish Comp for balance. Only two armies were left out in the cold for 8th army updates. Why not simply update those two armies, and leave the rest as is? I just don't understand why the players have let it die.

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