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Miniature storage project (Image heavy)


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Hello there,


Thanks to those of you that posted in the other thread or PM'd me, helping me with ideas for my miniature storage.  Hopefully this post shows what I did and can inspire others or give folks some idea of one possible solution.


I had a separate game room in the house, but the boys are older now and wanted separate bedrooms.  (Super old posts showing my game room somewhere on this board)  So I put up shelving in the office / comic storage room and put them up high as not to get in wifey poo's way.


Some examples of how it was situated:






So you get the idea... lots of miniatures everywhere.


With regards to organizing them on the shelves themselves, I just formed them up in ranks.  Not very handy when I needed to pull models off the shelves but at least I could see what was where.  But gathering dust was an issue, too.






Now picture the following armies splayed out that way:  Space Wolves; Eldar; Grey Knights / Inquisition; Tau; Orks; Chaos; Renegade Guard; Tyranids; Necrons and Dark Angels. 


I wanted something more compact, as new additions/purchases were difficult to put on the shelves.  Next post shows what I did...

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I was thinking about purchasing movement trays or specialty boxes/trays... but this quickly became cost prohibitive.  Like $ 16.00 per x 70 trays/etc. needed expensive.


I happened to be going by Michael's Crafts and they had a sale on 7.5" x 11" photo boxes... (7) of them for $ 10.00.  Winner winner chicken dinner!  So I bought a lot of them... like crates of them. 




Then I purchased a lot of rare earth magnets from a dealer in the United States.  Way cheaper on eBay from China but I didn't want to risk not getting them, etc.  So I got a brick of 2000 of them.




Then I went to Home Depot and got galvanized steel roofing shingles and cut them to fit the boxes.  This would give a nice base for the aforementioned magnets to cling to.





Then I put a sheet in a box bottom and figured that this would do...




Next post coming up...

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I took the aforementioned rare earth magnets and put them underneath the bases of my miniatures.  Basically just zoned out in front of the TV (which was awesome, I hardly ever watch... there's a lot of good stuff on TV nowadays!  ha)




I put the minis in the boxes... obviously some armies fit more per box (ranked Space Marines, Guard) than others with things that stick out (Tyranids, Chaos).




And if folks're wondering how strong the rare earth magnets are when placed on the galvanized steel shingles... I could basically turn the box almost upside down (didn't want to go fully upside down because I didn't adhere the shingles to the boxes).




I labeled the boxes for storage reference next.  No pictures for it but I even put vehicles for each armies in the boxes.




Final post coming up... home stretch!

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And now the shelves look like this:










Some vehicles obviously are too tall to fit in the boxes, but far fewer than you would think.  I ran out of boxes and can still fit some models inside some... like the Shadowsword even fits in a box, if that helps give an idea of how roomy the boxes are.


Anyways, thanks again to everyone for the ideas on the project.  The shelves have MUCH more room so I can buy lots more models and the boxes are more wifey-poo friendly than just a ton of tiny figs there.  Plus, now when I need some army folks I just pull a box down.  Nothing inside the boxes move due to the rare earth magnets and I don't open a box to see a big pile o' minis.


Stay safe,



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