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Mordheim is for Lovers


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Had someone make me an offer on my Eldar that I couldn't refuse so I decided to throw the money towards a Mordheim board.

Why not drop it into something that a whole bunch of people can enjoy?  AoS is dead-on-arrival here and with the vacuum Warhammer 8th left, people are excited to play some Mordheim!


Here's some early shots of my terrain.  I have a Dreadstone Blight, three 4Ground Mordanburg ruined houses, Ophidian Archway (AoS terrain), Nebulous Occulum (sp? AoS terrain), and Blue Moon's epic Dracula's Castle.  Bought the 4Ground stuff unpainted so I can make it more uniform and play with the color.   Liked building the first one so much I bought seven more.


Hope these pictures work, I have problems posting to Ordo










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These are my first foray into MDF terrain and I'm very impressed. The kits are brilliant and go together well with just wood glue and clothes pins to clamp them together.


I was worried that they would be too small but, by spreading out the halves a bit, I think I can get some more mileage. I wonder if they can be combined with the Ruins set to make a stone-first-level-half-timber-top-floor look.


I recommend buying direct off their site. While my first order took 10 days of processing time, this second one is already in the mail.

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I have two of 4ground's prepainted Dark Age Hovels and one Dwelling that I use for SAGA terrain. I too am impressed by the quality of their products and how easy they are to assemble.


I'll probably stay with their prepainted buildings. For me the extra money is well worth the time I save.



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My F.A.T. mat came in from Heroic Knight games and I've been experimenting with board layout.   The mat itself is fantastic, but the streets may be a little too straight and wide, benefiting ranged troops.  I have some unbuilt buildings - perhaps converting some to be more tumbled-down and sliding into the street will break it up a bit.  Also have some scatter terrain to start assembling - crates, barrels, pots - which can be used as rubble and cover for the middle of the streets.


The fountain at the town square looks a little small; I have an idea for using the Gold Gryphon from the empire war altar instead.





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