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10/20/15 is a Tuesday. Bellingham Warhamsters know what that means. To all outsiders it is a complete mystery, even though the dark truth is simply...


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gaming and beer.


The latter is somewhat of a foregone conclusion.  What are people doing about the former?


I'm calling Joey out!  I haven't played a game with you for months, probably (this weekend being completely besides the point), and nobody will bother to check that for accuracy!  Name your thing and I will roll dice at you so hard they will leap up your own forearms and lodge themselves into your nostrils, which will be grounds for a reroll because seriously, man, no one can read that crap.  I mean, do you go with what's on top like normal, or what's exposed from the underside?  The bottoms would totally make the most sense, but the purists on NoseDice.net say...


You wanna Xwing?  I will Xwing you like amateurs do Xwing.  Amateur Xwingers, with little grasp of the intricacies, but with equal likelihood of reading a Focus from your left nostril, Joey.


You wanna Heavy Gear?  I... think... I... know how it works...  And I've got two days to build a list, so that's half of a thing.


Or Infinity?  I just got into the end of the RPG kickstarter to a degree that suggests I need to play it to the point of matching my own investments.  Also there's more interest and we should get ourselves back into teaching mode because Infinity Is Good ([big bad swear word], that's the Kickstarter talking).

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Bailing tomorrow, because it's my eldest daughter's 12th birthday, though I'm still gonna try and make it out for drinks and pizza after. Probably won't be out next Tuesday, either, as it' she last track meet of the season. Hmmm... I could maybe do 8:00 Saga next week. I could play a faction I know well and it could go quick. If so, we've got to go to 8 points, though.

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