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Adepticon Ork List


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No complaints about my list format, shush!


Okay, it's two detatchments, one from the great Waaagh! formation and a regular CAD.  the stuff in the great waaagh gets to roll to see if it deep strikes, keep that in mind. the big mek goes with the mega kannons and gives them fearless, big KFF and slow and purposeful so they can fire. his KFF covers the rest of the army for tha tall important first and part of the second turn. The junka is a 12/12/10 vehicle with fast and six transport capacity that can house the tankbustas or one of the MANz missiles. the two trukks take the other ones. the warkopta is a 10/10/10 fast open topped skimmer for one of hte ten man boyh squads. the one hard boy unit goes in the big track (12/11/10) with the warboss, the other unit goes in the gunwagon (13/12/10). generally i turtle up around the supa KFF (4++) on turn one, and then blitz you. providing fire support with my shooting units. The reason the lootaz are in two squads is i have found that lootaz should either be five, or fifteen. 10 is too many, as it over-kills weak stuff, and too few to really overwhelm units of MEQs ans the like. What are your thoughts?



Ork Freebootaz 2000


WAAAGH!!! Ghazkhull Allies – 677

HQ – 170

Big Mek – 170

Mega Armor, Supa Force Field, Big Boss Pole


Elites – 105

Mekboy Junka – 105

Skorcha, Supa Skorcha, ‘Eavy Plates, Reinforced Ram


Troops – 70

Grotz – 35

Grotz – 35


Fast Attack – 135

Warkopta – 65


Trukk – 35

Rokkit Launcha, Reinforced Ram

Trukk – 35

Rokkit Launcha, Reinforced Ram


Heavy Support – 197

Looted Wagon – 67


Big Trakk – 60

Skorcha, Boarding Plank

Gunwagon – 70

Reinforced Ram, Boarding Plank


Ork CAD – 1323

HQ – 130

Warboss Gazzuk – 130

Mega Armor, Cybork Body, Lukky Stick


Elites – 340

Mega Nobz (3) – 140

Boss Pole, Killsaws, Kombi-Skorcha

Mega Nobz (3) – 135

Boss Pole, Killsaws

Tankbustaz (5) – 65


Troops – 527

Slugga Boyz (12) – 112

Nob, Boss Pole, Power Klaw

Trukk – 35

Reinforced Ram, Rokkit Launcha

Slugga Boyz (10) – 160

‘Ard Armor, Nob, Boss Pole, Power Klaw

Slugga Boyz (10) – 140

‘Ard Armor, Nob, Boss Pole, Power Klaw

Slugga Boyz (10) – 100

Nob, Boss Pole, Power Klaw


Heavy Support – 326

Lootaz (5) – 70

Lootaz (5) – 70

Mek Gunz – 186                                                                      

Kustom Mega Kannon (5), Extra Krew (7), Ammo Runtz (5)

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this is not a shooting list. They are there to provide light transport popping, flyer harassment, and to attract attention. the kustom mega kanonz are amazing and destroy pretty much everything they look at. 5 str 8 ap 2 templates is pretty rough for most things to survive. the list is uber fast, agressive, and mostly melee oriented. So having too many points in lootaz and shooting units ends up becoming wasted. So far, the one squad of ten was great, but i ran into the problems listed above. my list has a LOT of shooting in it. mostly in the form of random big shootas and other such weapons scattered around the entire army. downed some necron fliers at OFCC with snap-fired big shootas through sheer volume.


It definately merits testing though. The next few games I'm going to try them out as the smaller 5 man squads. The only other option is to drop the second MANz squad and put in a second loota squad and have two ten man squads. But i think that might push my list too far away from assault into shooting.

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Wait wait wait... Chappy going over-board..? noooooooo that doesnt happen. :cool:


Seriously though, Chappy has the right idea. If you take serious loota squads, take fifteen man squads and take two or three. Either got for a small smattering like me, or overwhelming firepower.

I take your 90 lootas and raise youTwo Ork Horde detachments with 90 Lootas and 6 Big Meks in Mega Armour. Muhahahah. 

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