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Halo 5 Spartan Company


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I am under the impression that most people on the boards are PC (or PS4) players. But is anyone playing Halo 5 right now, the multiplayer is really good? I was thinking about starting an Ordo Fanaticus Spartan Company (which are Halo's version of Clans). But if there is already a group of Ordo people in a company right now, maybe I can join. Anyway let me know if there is any interest and I will set something up.


BTW: My gamertag is deadwing34, if you want to add me.


FYI: Plus you get free loots for starting/joining a company.

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I'm getting an Xbox One come Christmas, so I'll see about joining in. I assume you have to have an active Xbox Live account to play this game?

Yep you need to have xbox live gold to play any multiplayer games on the xbox unfortunately. But you can find 1 year gold memberships on ebay for around 40 bucks. One cool thing about the Xbox One is, if one person has gold on the system all users have gold.

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