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Help me hive mind


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I have a massive collection of fantasy models, and I'm thinking of repurposing some as 40k demons. Im thinking of starting with Tzeentch, and using my undead. The sorcerous nature of the models, combined with the prevalence of ethereal looking spirits seems the best fit. But I need help with some things:


1. Lord of Change - Nagash

2. Demon prince of Tzeentch - Mortarch

3. Herald - Morghast

4. Exalted flamer - spirit hosts


But what to do about pink horrors? Do I use the horror model but paint them spectral? Do I use ghouls? Skeletons? Do I use imperial guard and paint them spectral? Something else entirely?

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Here are a couple old models I would repurpose.  I might re-do the armor to a blue, to make it more Tzeentch and not have any Khorne confusion.  Plus, of course, conversions to round bases. 


A daemon prince of Tzeentch





A herald of Tzeentch



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I was thinking about an alternative to this idea of using undead as Tzeentch:


Using a Daemonic Incursion formation:

Nagash as the Lord of Change from the command slot

Spirit hosts as Exalted Flamers from the warpflame host

The three different Mortarchs as the three Soul Grinders from the Forgehost auxiliary


Then a Chaos Marine CAD with

A Lord (need to identify model)

2x10 cultists

and 2 Terrorgeists as two Helldrakes

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