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Cool update:

Treasure Chests

These are pretty straight forward - you can spend one stamina to open the treasure chest and gain a draw from the treasure deck. Be careful though, it may be a mimic...


Just like the video game, barrels don't offer anything in terms of treasure in most cases, however their main purpose is to use up stamina and block paths. When occupying a node you cannot move into that node without breaking the barrel which costs a stamina...yep - they are as annoying as the video game.


By using a stamina, you can access a gravestone to reveal one of the Boss AI Deck cards allowing you to learn their potential move-set as you progress towards eventually meeting them. They also act as terrain blocks and can be destroyed in a similar way to barrels.


An Encounter Card may reveal that a trap is present on the tile. The Trap Deck has a selection of iconic death dealing encounters that must be played out. Some are simple damage effects - remember getting hit in the face with a boulder down some stairs? Others may effect specific nodes on the board and create a 'which one is it' scenario with flip tokens.

Stamina is tied to life.  To regain stamina you have to take a rest action at the start of turn & that's the only action that can be made.

For the gravestone thing: When you engage a boss they have an AI deck that's static until they hit half life or less.  So if you know the progression of their deck you know what moves to look out for.  Once they hit half life the AI deck grows larger & gets shuffled so knowing what moves they're going to make is pretty helpful.

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I backed it and also added in the extra tiles and that forest expansion. I had almost all of it backed at one time but when they have nothing for breaking the record in sales I just got annoyed and pulled back. I felt their marketing was strong but some of the prices just weren't. They also had some solid rewards but they didn't make sense for the amount pledged.

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I guess I should post here instead of hijacking the KDM thread.

So I'm about 7 hours into DS the Board Game & here's some changes I made based on what other people are also thinking.

Hollow grunts/bowman = 1 soul per player

Silver knights = 2 souls per player

Hollow large soldiers = 3 souls per player

Mini-bosses = 5 souls per player

Main bosses = 8 souls per player

Players can only spend their own souls to level up but anyone can buy equipment. Resting doesn't use a spark but does reset everything. If a player dies it uses a spark & everyone drops their souls. You have to clear the room you died in to get them back. You can sell back 2 treasure cards to Andre for 1 soul each.

I was going through the campaign mode & I read the amount of souls you get per kill & thought "that can't be right. Are they [big bad swear word]ing kidding me?" as it's impossible feeling to get anywhere at the rate they suggest in the rulebook. Two souls per encounter, leveling up costs double & equipment costs double? Maybe I'm just a softy, though. Is anyone finding the base rules fairly balanced? Maybe I'm playing something wrong rules-wise? Maybe it's a lot easier playing 4 player? No idea but the base ruleset seemed pretty ridiculous to me as far as the risk-vs-reward part is concerned.

I haven't made it to a mini-boss yet (the kid & I are really close) but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna use a lot of sparks on that as it's double-gargoyles in the campaign mode!

My other thought is, while it's pretty fun (I'm a total soulsborne fanboy though so take that with a grain) it feels like parts are missing that will require the stretch goals to make complete. IE: some spells feel like I really need that cleric or sorcerer model or they're just a wasted treasure card. Embers really feel incomplete without invaders or summoned npc assistants (SUNBRO 4 LYFE!!). I'm guessing, come October, that will all be rectified but right now the core game feels like it has parts that were meant to be played with the full gamut of addons that we haven't all received yet.

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