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100th Store LE Space Marine


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via Lady Atia on War of Sigmar
"To celebrate the opening of our 100th store in North America we thought we'd invite you to something special!! An event for North America only!!

Strictly while stocks last so head in early and spend $100 to recieve:

Limited Space Marine Brother Captain Centos This is a very limited edition, once in a lifetime model (with his own rules) 
Double sided themed limited edition scenarios 
Special Event Lapel pin

We will also have an Exclusive signed Art print available for auction on the day!

Events! The day wouldnt be complete without events!! More of which to be revealed soon!"

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Oh boy, another sculpt of a Captain with a Power Fist? I'll stick it in the pile with all the others.

At least this one isn't pairing it with a pistol. But, yeah, not a fan of GW's heavy use of special characters with power fists.

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Since he gets the PowerFist for free, I'm kind of OK with it. Shame he's locked in to Ultramarines Chapter Tactics, tho. Seems like a decent option for a Demi-Company Captain if you're rolling an Ultramarines Battle Company.


Via SpikyBits

Well today Games Workshop answered the burning question, and now we know how to field our Captain Centos models:


So it looks like he’s a “locked-in” wargear FREE upgrade for any chapter’s captain model, and yep he’s got special rules if you take him as part of an Ultras army. I imagine we’ll see a lot of him in future Gladius strike forces out there eh?

Kudos to Games Workship for connecting with hobbyists out there via their Facebook back to settle this matter!

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