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Best board game apps on Android?

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I bought ticket to ride, Catan, and splendor. All great!


Carcassonne is good, but no multiplayer.


Risk has some free model that can link with Facebook friend or just Google account, but meh, it's risk.


Last Xmas all the days of wonder games were like $0.99


I also bought Battlore and expansion, great strategy game there!!!

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BTW you can get an android version of Talisman (I got the seasonpass version last year on sale for like 15 bucks.) the free version is just the base game. but its pretty fun diversion and Talisman.


I'd also second Elder Sign. Its one of My Go too games mostly cause you can pause it and its a fun Cthuhlu game where you can actually win.


and one of My favorite games I can't believe I'd forgotten about it.

San Juan

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