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Tickets for Infinity at the OFCC 2016


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I was considering signing up. I'm curious how many people have bought tickets so far. Honestly I'm on the fence because of the cost.

I don't have a number yet but people have been telling me that they are going to be buying tickets soon. I'm curious about your hesitating about the cost. Is it that you feel that $50 is too much for a tournament or that it's out of your price range. I can understand either way and I'm not looking to shame you or anything like that. The price is due to the location. It's a very large, very nice hotel and in their main ballroom. We'll be sharing the room with many other gamers playing a multitude of games. The 40k two day event is $75 as compared to ours. Even if you don't play, you should stop by and check out the event. It's a ton of fun!

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