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Geoduck Hunting Help


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So this past weekend my family and I went down to Coos Bay for some clam digging fun with my in-laws. We had a blast and my in-laws are seasoned veterans at the digging for clams game down there. My in-laws mentioned that digging for Geoducks was something on their bucket list and I have to confess I would love the experience myself. (call me crazy) I come here to find out if maybe any of y'all happen to know some good spots to make this happen at or have any tips/hints/advice. Bonus points for keeping it close to Portland as the in-laws already vetoed heading up to the Seattle area.

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Pumpkinhead is very adapt at going after Gooey Ducks.


He's taken me hunting for them in Hood Canal.


You watch for their Spout &/or the big breathing hole.


You start digging along side of where you saw them, as you do not want to hit them directly.

You must dig fast and hard and try to come right along side of them to the point you can pull them out of the side wall...

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Step 1) Get some marijuana.


Step 2) Wear a Bernie T Shirt


Step 3) Go into a forest near Olympia.


Step 4) Smoke said marijuana blatantly.


Step 5) Watch as the hippies start to congregate around.


Step 6) Tell the chosen victim that they're invited to your Poetry Slam/Protest against privilege.


Guaranteed you'll be headed home with at least 100-200 lbs of Geoduck.

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