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1 Commissar,

1 Militarum Tempestus Command Squad,

1 Unit of Militarum Tempestus Scions,

1 Taurox Prime


Special Rule: Hellrain Reinforcements

Each time a unit in this formation is completely destroyed, you can... if the commissar is still alive, immediately place a new unit into ongoing reserves that is identical to the unit that was destroyed (this includes size, weapons and upgrades. These reserve units arrive via deep strike.

So even the Taurox Deep Strikes?  How interesting.  Where is this actually from?  Is there a book that shows this?

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I think the rule is only for the scions squad itself and their Taurox (if it is a dedicated transport for them?).


If it includes the Taurox, that is pretty dang nifty, especially as an allied force, keep the commissar safe, use the rest on suicide runs. An imperial force with someone like Lias Issodon to re-roll the reserve rolls!

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Yeah that definitely helps them out.  They needs more bodies and ESPECIALLY more command units to operate well.  Unfortunately this does not include the command squads in the regeneration.  That's truly unfortunate but because there is no second Scion unit tax, it should be okay still.  The key is to end up with a higher net number of Command Squads o nther table and this accomplishes that.


Interesting sidebar thought is that those Commissars can all join together to form kind of a little melee monster unit.  I mean if you have to have them anyways right?  Interesting though in any event.  They won't face stomp many things but at least you have something cool to show for it.  I'd end up with four probably in my force.


I don't know if this si enough to make them a stand alone force but it sure is a push in the right direction.  

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Just digging into this as a novice.

Spec rule H.R reminds me of Flames of war human wave rule.

Awesome. Reaction 1st time opponent hit with this: " that is so warped"

Oh but in FoW, it gets even better. The new wave unit arrives same turn and in cmd distance of cmd team, at beginning of turn, as if it was a reserve that just arrived. Kewl and scary.

Love EW Russians. Orcs with komissars and steampunk tanks.

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Craftworld Eldar:


If the Farseer has LOS to a unit, the Fire Prism gets TL against that unit.


Dark Eldar:


If the Archon has LOS to a unit, the formation get Preferred Enemy against that unit.


Not the worst things in the world, not earth shattering by any means but not awful. I was hoping for something cool for the reaver jetbikes, but at least now there's a formation of some sort for Kabalites.

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