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Hey guys, got my first game of 9th age with Jim and his warriors of the dark gods last night and... it was FANTASTIC. 9th age is everything you wished 8th edition was and more.


I hated playing O&G in 8th because they were boring and only had 1 build that was effective. Now the units are more balanced meaning everything is worth trying out, but the biggest improvement by far is that greenskin magic is so much better. I dont have to hope that I got foot of gork and spam it every turn until it either kills my enemies entire army or completely misses. The new magic lores have great buff and hex spells along with some good magic missiles and damage spells. very very happy that 9th age is a thing and it has gotten me excited about finishing my greenskin army and my empire army.  


Our game swung back and forth several times and was a nail biter up until the last turn. It ended being a win for the warriors but if one or two small things had gone my way it could have completely swung back into my favor. 


If anyone has been wondering if you should try 9th age, the answer is yes, yes you should. The best part is that the rules are free and are very well laid out making it easy to learn.

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To piggyback on this thread, I had my first game of 9th Age with valourunbound today, his Vermin Swarm vs my Ogre Khans. Great game, had a lot of fun! The Doom Blade made short work of most of my army, heh. Failing a stubborn 9 with a reroll for my Great Khan didn't help, especially when it lead to my Mercenary Veterans panicking away from the middle.


Looking forward to getting some more games of 9th Age in, as well as OFCC!

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