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Progress Blog - Mymeara Eldar 1850


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Hello everyone,


Just wanted a nice place to share pictures as I progress with this army from absolutely nothing into a full 1850 list (and more).


I happened to headhunt a good deal for a massive lot of Games Workshop for my buddy who bought for $1,000. He ended up giving me what I wanted as a finder's fee. I said I would love to take a look at the Eldar that it came with and he obliged to give me anything I wanted.


Not an exact count:


10 of every aspect (save spiders - I have plans below for these)

40 Guardians

10 Rangers

20 Storm Guardians

3 of each Vaul's

3 Serpents

2 NIB Fire Prism Kits (new version)

2 Falcon

2 NIB Wraith Guard Kits

1 of Every Special Character

1 NIB Skyrunner

1 Farseer

2 Warlock


On top of this I have ordered:


3 Hornets

1 Wraithknight (plus Skathach Parts)

2 Warp Hunter Turrets


I also have 20 Shadow Specters which I will be using counts as Warp Spiders, I figure being Mymeara I had to pay some homage to this.



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I felt the Blue to Green Fade of the Craftworld Mymeara would be something only an airbrush could handle with any efficiency. Wet blending every model in an army did not sound like a good investment of time if I'm trying to get this table ready sometime this decade.


Unfortunately when I moved to Hawaii I unloaded almost every hobby related item I had to make the move, so I felt it was time to reinvest.


I picked up the essentials:


I decided to go with a trusty small desk unit and a nicer airbrush then what I owned prior. I picked up an Iwata HP-CS Plus for a great price and I love the action on this little guy!


Directly to the right you can see the first subjects that will be getting their treatment. I felt I wanted to practice on larger scale models which I assumed would be goo practice while I'm learning the basics.


Here is the first attempt:


Overall I was pretty happy with the results.


The color scheme I'm following is: 

Citadel Sotek Green - Highlighted with Citadel Temple Guard Blue

Vallejo Jade Green - Highlighted with Citadel Syrabite Green


The inside of the lens is done with Genestealer Purple


Overall I was very happy with the way it turned out but I felt the highlighting was very weak. This clearly was a figment of my imgination as I cleaned up some of the details they began to show much more just by giving them contrast.


I proceeded to give the model a varnish then touch up the gems with a similar color story to the cockpit and then compelted the black lining with a Nuln Oil.


The result:



At first I had decided to do the rimming on the glass as Vallejo Dead White to correspond to the coloring that I plan on making the weaponry. However I eventually settled on bringing it back to Sotek Green to not break the scheme on the main hull of the vehicle.


Hopefully by Monday or so I'll have completed pictures for the weaponry and the new and improved cockpit!

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Been extremely busy the last few weeks but been working on the weapon system for my 1st hornet. Thankfully Hornets get all the options but only one is ever taken so I think I'll pass on getting them all together and really just to do the pulse lasers.


I really need to go back and clean it up probably end up stripping and sanding this piece as it looked fine before paint hit it now I notice all sorts of problems with it.  However at arms length they aren't noticeable so it will definitely pass as table top for now.


Secondly holy cow there's SOOOOO many gems on their weapons its ridiculous. I will end up going back and doing three bands of black on the white to break it up a little bit, most likely thin thick thin. Anyway I think it will really pop with the white and black against the blues and greens I already have going.


Might be a bit for the next update but progress is being made slowly =(


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